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Camden County real estate transactions

These transactions were recorded through Oct. 24.

Audubon Boro

38 N Lecato Ave

James G and Darlene M Harvey to David W Willis, $190,000.

412 Walnut St

Kurt W and Patricia M Camm to Kathryn A Giangulio, $199,000.

419 Washington Ter

Jacqueline A Fothergill Executrix to Kenneth E and Jennifer Whalen, $140,000.

Barrington Boro

114 Shreve Ave

Carl W Specht III to Betixsa Rodriguez, $158,000.

Bellmawr Boro

1133 Garfield Ave

Donald Ofano to Stephen J and Candice L Renault Jr, $150,000.

Berlin Boro

26 Joans Ln

Daniel Barclay III to Eileen Garrity, $220,000.

160 New Freedom Rd

Cecil C Hamilton to Alfred and Jacqueline Medzie, $313,000.

9 Rondon Ave

Maureen MacDonnell Executrix to Scott William and Kimberly Lynn Rhodes, $230,000.

Berlin Twp

183 Bishop Ave

Hud to Rachel C Bushar and Allison R Acosta, $185,613.

180 Krumm Ave

Leah L Howe to Mohammed Hossain, $165,000.

309 Myrtle Ave

Carl D Anderson to Erick Cobourn, $124,000.

303 Thurman Ave

Michael and Susan Grant to Victoria S Phelan, $202,500.

Brooklawn Boro

114 N Wilson Ave

Jon C Glenn Jr and Heather L Ludwick to Kevin J Christmas, $128,900.

Camden City

1228 N 32nd St

Frederick P Fitzpatrick Executor to Braullo Villegas, $80,000.

828 N 32nd St

Homesales Inc to William H Collazo Jr, $75,000.

1101 N 34th St

Juan P and Riuby Rivera to Ezrequiel and Nijita Rivera, $115,000.

405 N 42nd St

Estate Of Mildred Carillo to Oscar Rico, $147,000.

1911 S 4th St

Kellie Rollins to Sandra Arrante, $76,300.

322 Cherry St

Haydee Figueroa to Eduardo Gonzalez, $69,050.

3018 Congress Rd

J And S Hark Realty Investments LLC to Nathaniel Purnell, $105,000.

2943 N Congress Rd

Fairview Village III LLC to Angela N Bailey, $100,000.

164 S Dudley St

Olga and Luis A Colon to Odise and Olden Carr, $53,000.

1051 Louis St

Eliyahu Kessler to Avrohom Sebrow, $64,000.

1552 Minnesota Rd

Paul R and Joan Baker Jr to Aquell A Rasheed, $85,000.

1131 N Octagon Rd

Sharlene Jennings and Sharlene Cardoza Aka to Vincent Taylor, $100,000.

2836 Pierce Ave

Joseph M and Julie A Neal to Leonardo and Julissa Vidal, $90,000.

1641 Pulaski St

Dina Vigilante to Victor Ingram, $79,000.

2939 Waldorf Ave

Kevin D Vallen to Eduardo and Lizsandro Soto, $135,000.

Cherry Hill Twp

676 3rd Ave

New Life Investment Properties LLC to Tonino and Maria Dipietrantionio, $190,000.

1210 Black Baron Dr

Carla Fanticolla Executrix to Jennifer L Bishop, $285,000.

126 Colwick Rd

Donalod H Russell to James R and Debra A Fox Jr, $257,600.

326 Covered Bridge Rd

Everett W Faircloth and Margo E Downing Faircloth to Brian and Karyl Murray, $335,000.

2031 Crescent Way

D R Horton Inc New Jersey to Carol Ditullio, $433,190.

13 W Eagle Ln

Michael Scribner to Scott J Farrell and Jessica K Naumann, $292,000.

1356 Elmhurst Ave

Alexsander A Marchione to Mark and Tara Sworaski, $215,000.

406 Junewood Dr

Norman and Marcia Karp to Nannie Marie and Herman D James, $281,000.

407 Lavender Hill Dr

Maxine Gerstein to Andrea and Maria Pirrera, $255,000.

2 Lavenham Ct

Mary J Geria to Stacey B Kara and Paul D Linderman, $430,000.

500 Lee Ann Rd

Rac Closing Services LLC to James E and Latania C Young, $278,000.

546 Main St

Njhr LLC to Michael Smyjewski and Cheryl Simko, $170,900.

705 McGill Ave

Patience Depasque and William E Cox Jr to Co and Vanthuy Lieu, $226,000.

509 Mercer St

David D and Phyllis M Croge to Kendra and Jason Croge, $216,000.

126 Old Carriage Rd

Bryant W and Katherine Bozarth to Eric C and Lauren M Callahan, $365,000.

221 Park Place Dr

Scott D and Sarah A Kleinhenz to Derek A Grenier, $200,000.

128 Partree Rd

Dale E and Marcia A Oglesbay to Kevin and Sharon Kotch, $415,000.

410 Society Hill Blvd

Doris B Sternberg to Gang Lu, $265,000.

21 N Syracuse Dr

Johnnie H Sims to Angelita Hagan, $355,000.

505 Valley Run Dr

Justin and Christina Dorfman to David J Gaulin and Holly K Auer, $348,990.

434 Woodland Ave

Katrina Pitman to Daniel Fleming Jr, $270,000.

Chesilhurst Boro

106 Miller Ave

South Jersey Homes Inc to Farah and Gulmufer A Moustafa, $190,000.

231 Thompson Ave

Ifs Properties LLC to Sharon E Woodard and Marcell Bennett, $100,700.

Clementon Boro

50 Birch

Lawrnece K Obrien to Louis and Carolyn Abbruzzese, $90,000.

131 Chelsea Cir

Ida Legette to Terri S Dillon, $129,000.

17 Woodland Ave

Stephen Rizzo Inc to Aaron Pangburn, $220,000.

Collingswood Boro

806 Colford Ave

Esther T Kaplan and Kimberly J Frey to Robert and Kimberly M Marish, $336,900.

58 Lincoln Ave

Kenneth and Kathryn Buck to Daniel M Bree, $214,900.

514 Richey Ave

Nancy McCauley to Joseph E Steele, $125,000.

Gibbsboro Boro

29 Cedarcroft Rd

Eileen M Beniston Executrix to Robert Francis and Christopher John Coyne, $220,000.

78 Manor Rd

Hud to Jason Rakita, $65,151.

Gloucester City

10 Green Acres Ln

Beazer Homes Corp to Maria Eliza Calara and Prudyleen S Carig, $296,535.

604 Powell St

Ewa Brandys to Donald Meade, $142,500.

Gloucester Twp

35 Alberta Ave

Brent and Danty McCleery to Emrah Senturk, $55,000.

15 Brookshire Rd

Ac Capital Group LLC to Anngyl Nidhan, $100,000.

242 W Central Ave

Profera Homes Inc to Steven M Palma and Jennifer L Richardson, $270,000.

21 Conestoga Rd

Dale B and Christine Sewell to Mineyo and Frank Lovello, $265,000.

604 Emerson Ct

The Villas At Broadacres LP to Thomas P Rosenau, $248,815.

1030 W Front St

Charles A and Mary Ellen Teti to Jason and Christine Sewell, $220,000.

2409 Hartford Dr

Philomena Y Destrado to Bianca L and Juan Flores, $224,900.

86 Knoll Dr

Cara R Phillips to Aaron Roman and Katherine A Curriden, $165,000.

18 La Cascata

Dia A Martin to Lavada Brown, $99,000.

195 La Cascata

La Cascata Home Owners Assoc Inc to Joel and Andrea Rosario, $131,000.

4 Lincoln Ave

Richard J and Barbara A Vermeeren to Richard Vermeeren, $140,000.

102 Maurer Ave

Lynne G Maynard Executrix to Andres E Silva, $230,000.

52 S Pennsylvania Ave

Brian C and Melissa A Gaffney to Frank Grasso, $227,500.

Haddon Heights Boro

500 4th Ave

Lois Bonder to Nancy Leone, $500,000.

1541 Chestnut Ave

Robet E Kline Jr and Connie K Lockwood to John A and Nancy E Olmstead, $194,000.

Haddon Twp

143 E Cedar Ave

Rita M Snock to Sharon Kathrine Whitaker, $293,000.

131 Grant Ave

Carol F Reed to John Geiges, $190,700.

13 E Walnut Ave

Deutsche Bank Trust Co to Cynthia Herbert, $205,000.

109 W Walnut Ave

David Gonzalez and Aubree K Evans Gonzalez to Derek R and Debra A Dacqua, $270,000.

504 West Dr

Jeffrey M Kahn to Patrick M and Rachel Domers McCarthy, $460,000.

Haddonfield Boro

201 Birdwood Ave

Lawrence M Falk to David and Laura A Oberg, $500,000.

201 Jefferson Ave

Michael C and Katherine Buff Leraris to Jonathan T and Gina D Prebich, $560,000.

459 Loucroft Rd

459 Loucroft LLC to Jordan S Mersky and Liesl A Nenderson, $999,000.

Lindenwold Boro

2228 S Brighton Ave

John E and Stacy Botto to Elmer Carranza, $147,000.

4 Carver Ave

Erik J and Lorraine Miller to Bogdan Kril, $150,000.

Merchantville Boro

100 W Chestnut Ave

John E Chrst to James P Crawford Jr, $127,000.

Mount Ephraim Boro

141 Rudderow Ave

Janice Miller to Edward F Fricker and Eleanor M Hoechat, $158,000.

Pennsauken Twp

1832 42nd St

Gbogh Investments LLC to Omar Flores, $150,000.

1935 46th St

Shirley Scott to Alfred M Lopez, $134,000.

3812 Caverow Ave

Pauline C Ford to Anna Cole, $205,000.

7487 Grant Ave

William E and Anita J Harris to Frank and Maureen Harrington, $204,900.

7925 Holman Ave

Kenneth R and Jeanne M Roof to Frank and Cindy A Torres, $213,000.

Pine Hill Boro

11 E 3rd Ave

Karley Homes LLC to Vincent and Crystal L Leavey, $239,900.

8 Country Club Rd

Walter and Gayle H Johnson to Gayle H Johnson, $239,000.

32 Millstream Rd

Kevin Jackson and Whitney Allsop to John Thornhill and Yovanny Chala, $184,000.

Somerdale Boro

106 Holyoke Ave

Fraj Richard and Jennfier Fries Singh to Anthony De Stefano, $167,000.

Voorhees Twp

10 Alyce Ln

Glenn C and Omiel E Sellier to Herb and Diane Kerr, $276,000.

19 Hidden Acres Dr

Simon Gagne to Kenneth Choi, $560,000.

72 Matlack Dr

Barbara L Brown Trustee to Harry R and Rochelle F Gealt, $425,000.

30 Wilderness Dr

Herbert W and Diane M Kerr to Farooque and Asma Ahmed, $529,000.

Waterford Twp

2228 Atco Ave

Joseph J and Christine Falzarano III to Kevin and Elaine Manley, $179,500.

1216 Maple Ave

Ruth Ann V Ganski and Cynthia Ivins to Michael and Kathleen Gillespie, $57,460.

209 Trout Dr

Lloyd E and Ramona F Mitchell to Patrick Fisher, $174,000.

Winslow Twp

12 Camino Ct

C And C Development Co LLC to Dawn H Piatkowski, $281,280.

33 Country Hollow Cir

Melinda I Bradford to Ann Matos, $226,000.

37 Decatur Ln

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp to Milagros and Heriberto Quinones, $187,000.

515 Glider Ave

Brian and Melanie Mitchell to Erin Simmons and Brett Sanderlin, $173,000.

107 Hearthstone Dr

Nvr Inc to Dacien J and Janet E Mullen, $368,791.

Woodlynne Boro

2414 4th Ave

Claudia Tercero Administrator to Elaine Yuritch, $75,000.