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Montgomery County real estate transactions

Montgomery County

These transactions were recorded in March.

Abington Twp

1680 Huntingdon Pike

Rachael D Borofsky to Vahe Yetimyan, $155,000.

1624 Huntingdon Rd

David M Krause and Denise M Blain to Debra and Chris Lermitte, $332,000.

1122 Johnston Ave

Carol and William Marren to Amanda and Eric J Wolf, $279,900.

2462 Radcliffe Ave

Regina S Banks to Ashley and Jonathan Idler, $202,000.

1212 Rosemont Ln

Ann Marie C and Kevin D Delaney to Daniel and Dawn M Loney, $310,000.

228 Sylvania Ave

Mary Frances and Joseph B Waltrich to Jill D and Stephen R Maxwell, $350,000.

2321 Triebel Rd

Suzanne E and Andrew W Hills to Jennifer Araujo and Nicholas Nedbal, $215,000.

214 Woodlyn Ave

Betty E Lewis to Jaswant Sisodiya and Eva M Lundstrom, $310,000.

Ambler Boro

131 S Spring Garden St

Joseph L and Donna M Weygand to Aimee L Kumer and Jason S Bischoff, $200,000.

335 Woodland Ave

Linda Harrison to Susan K McCashew, $240,000.

Bridgeport Boro

108 W 5th St

Karen and Albert Crawford to Debra A Kern, $170,000.

192 W Boro Line Rd

Estate of Antoinette Rosica to Michelle J and Robert G Eppleman, $160,000.

Cheltenham Twp

17 E Glenside Ave

Louis G Rizzo to James J Donnelly and John P Hector, $110,000.

341 Gribbel Rd

Eliyahu Shaaltilel and Avner Yamin to Young Shil Kim Dunbar, $294,150.

46 Township Line Rd, Unit 130

Susan M and Joseph Sykes to Faith Doroshow Romero, $137,000.

7707 Union Ave

Margaret Marks and Mark L Corbett to Ram Krishna Shrestha, $139,900.

8310 York Rd, Unit A63

Cecelia Wildstein to Charlotte G Rosenthal, $549,000.

Conshohochen Boro

321 W 1st Ave

Sturbridge Associates LLC to Timothy and Janene Reilly, $359,900.

154 W 7th Ave

Rockhill Properties LLC to Vincent Kelly and Kristen Bogle, $325,000.

346 E Elm St

Donna M Nascimento to William R DePhillipo, $145,000.

200 W Elm St, Unit 1106

Horton Inc to Jonell and Sean D Farrelly, $287,880.

200 W Elm St, Unit 1204

Horton Inc to James J O'Connor, $290,000.

200 W Elm St, Unit 1236

Horton Inc to Frederick and Betsy Weitzman, $350,000.

Douglass Twp

409 Hoffmansville Rd

Estate of Mildred I Renninger to Carl D Rost, $210,000.

75 Meadow Dr

Uyphong P To to Karen J Waetjen, $345,000.

East Norriton Twp

2004 Birchwood Dr

John and Jennifer E Dugan to Dana M Leeson and Brian M McCarthy Jr, $265,000.

131 Discovery Ct

Gail G Huber to Lauri R Allen, $245,000.

15 Haines Rd

Estate of Donald A Petrecca to Diane Clemson, $206,000.

3029 Kimberly Dr

Betty and Carl R Ruh to James M O'Connor and Deborah Marple O'Connor, $289,900.

2907 Penn Square Rd

Walter W Brown to Anthony F Cianciulli, $190,000.

3131 N Wales Rd

Sonja Miller to Christine and Christopher Cheeseman, $349,900.

Franconia Twp

428 Auburn Ct

Th Prop LLC to Michael V and Kimberly A Talarico, $271,710.

531 Clearview Dr

Th Prop LLC to Sweta G and Vimal H Patel, $316,494.

537 Clearview Dr

Th Prop LLC to Daoyuan Ding and Yun Yao, $312,457.

807 Evergreen Cir

Daniel E Rosenthal to Brian E Johnston and Denise R Singley, $234,000.

194 Yale Ct

Elizabeth Kimball and Randy McKavish to Dawne M and Frederick M Wentzel, $480,000.

Hatfield Twp

2407 Cambridge Cir

Nimisha R and Ripulkumar Patel to Farzana Shabbir and Syed Shabbir Ahmed, $265,000.

1509 Tarrington Way

Diane L and Francis M Rottina to Joy and Walter Sawatzky, $320,000.

2885 Washington Ln

Jeffrey R Yoder to Batta Goda and Tharwat Khoshit, $220,000.

Horsham Twp

421 Avenue C

Michael G and Stella R Evans to Kimberly A Furedi and Pamela L Little, $260,000.

243 Garden Ave

Keith R and Kathleen M Wilson to Marjorie A Ellenberger, $212,500.

Jenkintown Boro

208 Greenwood Ave

Kerry M Stroup and Melissa J Stanford to Adam and Stephanie Peltzman, $380,000.

Lansdale Boro

226 E 5th St

John and Kelly Rice to Christina and John Bruhns, $225,000.

14 W 5th St

Wayne Markley and Dwayne Markley to Thomas L Backlund Jr, $105,000.

507 Green St

John W III and Jennifer W Benz to Corina A and Benjamin A Fiore, $185,000.

622 Salford Ave

Dorothy Proto to Anna M Blanch, $285,000.

Limerick Twp

21 Ashley Dr

Stephanie A Kaminski and Theodore A Kaminski Jr to Tracy and Jay Purdy, $475,000.

9 Bartlett Dr

Etienne J and Carolyn D Mapily to Carmen D Ratchford, $405,000.

106 Horseshoe Dr, Unit 106

Chester View Galman Gen LP to Jason Tarewicz and Maria R Cataldi, $157,980.

107 Horseshoe Dr, Unit 107

Chester View Galman Assocs LP to Sandra L and Ronald J White, $149,900.

236 Masters Dr

Orleans at Limerick LP to Michelle L and Douglas B Moyer, $383,791.

50 Saint Andrews Blvd

Maureen A and Wayne M Hoover to Linda A and Jon W Hobbs, $285,000.

8 Tee Ct

Ohi Pa Gp LLC to Virginia C Childs, $378,025.

Lower Frederick Twp

105 Goshen Rd

Residential Fund LLC and Us Bank Na to Dennis D Krause, $170,000.

Lower Gwynedd Twp

124 Culpepper Dr, Unit 16E

Malcolm I Spiritos to Richard W McGuire, $196,000.

1620 Sloan Way

Cutler Group to Jason R Wallner, $475,000.

Lower Moreland Twp

214 Carson Ter

Toll Pa X LP to Ha Yeon Lee and Ki Woong Hong, $291,000.

422 Carson Ter

Toll Pa X LP to Jagdish Chand, $412,880.

Lower Pottsgrove Twp

2220 Barbara Way

Brett Kane and Thomas Egitto to Rhonda M and Kurt E Marsh, $250,000.

745 Bleim Rd

Dennis F and Karen L Harp to Preston A Stanton and Nicole A Wiand, $245,000.

123 Brookview Ln

Deutsche Bank Nat Tr Co to Yasser and Tarek Hussein, $205,000.

2809 Walnut Ridge Ests

Eric Warriner and Elizabeth R Cunicelli to Wendy L and Christopher E Bernhardt, $145,500.

Lower Providence Twp

30 Casselberry Dr

Marshall S and Pamela S Stomel to Jason R Guy and Elizabeth E Shen, $337,000.

2001 Greenes Way Cir

Dennis S and Diane M DeGrazia to Brooke I Mensch and Jason M Solomon, $290,000.

106 Summit Ave

Frederick Majka and Betty J Keyser Majka to Blaine G Jr and Patricia A Sadler, $260,000.

2624 Woodland Ave

Jeanne F and John B Drawbaugh to Joseph Santore Jr, $250,000.

3757 Worthington Rd

Maria Wiemken to Paul T and Kelly L Ripley, $381,500.

Lower Salford Twp

947 Masters Way

Maureen A and Timothy A Sullivan to Sheila L and Michael D Fornwall, $520,000.

371 Windsor Dr

Edward W and Madelyn O'Brien Revoc Living Tr to Jarrod Lee and Nichole K Tooley, $240,000.

Montgomery Twp

211 Bedford Ln

Scott L and Renee Hall to James M Greene and Linda L Borichewski, $394,000.

103 Sidesaddle Way

Laura C and Timothy E Folk to Dominic V Rossi, $310,000.

119 Thames Dr

Gregory D Carroll to Anthony A and Lisa M Dennis, $525,000.

130 Wentworth Dr

Ralph and Monica Hainer to Alan S Borthwick and Staci M Warsaw, $542,500.

New Hanover Twp

2425 Anneto Dr

Donnarae Saylor to Damon C and Yolanda A Williams, $325,000.

226 Holbrook Ln

Th Prop LLC to Joanne Bullock, $254,390.

2470 Magnolia Dr

Karen S and Andrew D Battisto to Frances G and William J Francisco, $350,000.

Norristown Boro

131 W Airy St

James Englert to Howard Leeser, $85,000.

1713 Arch St

Gerald F and Geraldine F Dietz to Jo Ann McKernan, $100,000.

1617 Colleen Ct

Stinson Hall LLC to Todd Slowik, $290,000.

405 W Freedley St

Citifinancial Mort Co Inc to Calvin Phipps Jr, $145,900.

308 Haws Ave

Michael Horowitz to Lawton Delisser, $165,000.

623 Linda Ln

Gregory L Adams to Joseph Leahy and Kathleen Shipman, $192,000.

345 E Marshall St

Chanin Davenport to Raymond Kolvites and Robert E Stokey, $84,000.

1025 Swede St

Citifinancial Mortgage Co Inc to John Mitchell, $88,000.

Pennsburg Boro

685 Penn St

Rizalino V and Teresa P Mikesell to Scot Lauderback, $272,000.

Perkiomen Twp

503 Centennial St

East Coast Real Estate Developers LLC to Josephine and William D Miller, $500,000.

434 Dartmoor Rd

Christine W and W Peter Wuelfing to Michelle and Daniel Stephens, $265,000.

710 Martingale Rd

Caroline E F and Jeremy A Gajkowski to Katherine E High and Matthew W Cooney, $255,000.

Plymouth Twp

666 W Germantown Pike, Unit 719-N

Renshaw Family Trust to Bonnie L Berger, $135,000.

1000 Germantown Pike, Unit F-4

Joni Saull and Elie Antar to Elena A Kachur, $400,000.

1708 Harmon Rd

Anthony F Stuczynski to Chelsea and William R Owen, $247,500.

410 Marion Ct

Sherwood Reserve Inc to Roseanne and John McGarvey, $295,500.

412 Marion Ct

Sherwood Reserve Inc to Bernadette A and Antonio J Yanni, $315,130.

1520 Northview Blvd

Michael J Zappitelli to James A and Michelle Godin, $420,000.

1701 Romano Dr

Paula DeAngelis Courtney to Kathleen T Stone and Joanna K Stewart, $292,000.

Pottstown Boro

69 Edgewood St

Charles E Scherch to Jeremy D DeStefano, $109,000.

330 Glasgow St

Donna Strobl and Marion Bartchak to John and Anne Spiece, $78,000.

824 N Hanover St

Briarwood Properties LLC to Matthew Stetler, $144,000.

117 Potts Dr

Jason Uhler to James T Murphy, $199,000.

1160 South St

Fannie Mae to Robert Frye, $147,000.

267 W Walnut St

Richard J and Jennie A Drexler to Alissa Zazo, $111,500.

435 N Washington St

May Street Homeownership Inc to Laura and Robert Goins, $147,129.

Red Hill Boro

720 Cedar Ct

Deutsche Bank Nat Tr Co to Michael E Pireda and Jenna Errickson, $160,000.

Rockledge Boro

120 Elm Ave

James D and Anna Thompson to Angela Rooney, $273,000.

Royersford Boro

17 N 4th Ave

Fadi A and Judith A Acra to Moreno and Jennifer Capone, $225,000.

735 Washington St, Unit 214

Souder Group Inc to Eric B Palmer, $144,900.

Skippack Twp

2103 Braden Ct

Th Prop LLC to Mary E DeFelice and Roger Roberts, $397,989.

2105 Braden Ct

Th Prop LLC to Mi Young Ahn, $462,923.

2119 Eastport Way

Th Prop LLC to Kyung Ja Kim, $423,001.

2121 Eastport Way

Th Prop LLC to Michele S and Robert L Vitelli, $402,153.

3967 Goshen Dr

Th Prop LLC to David and Kimberly Fortino, $608,673.

3761 Wayland Rd

Clover Hill Constr LLC to Beth A and Kenneth C Lilick, $476,550.

Springfield Twp

1101 Church Rd

Peter and Dorothy Muessig to James Hartey III and James Hartey Jr, $275,000.

7905 Louise Ln

James S Douthit et al to Enrico and Joyce H Colzani, $307,000.

203 Penn Oak Rd

Jack J and Lois B Morasco to William C Paull and Patricia S Robinson, $369,500.

509 Station Ave

Harold S and Nan Farcus to Roderick A Porter, $265,000.

Towamencin Twp

2022 Trumbauer Rd

Kerttu K Branch and Darrell B Miracle to Ronald Main and Christine Fabiani Main, $182,000.

Upper Dublin Twp

120 Bethlehem Pike, Unit 204B

Donna J Gorenstein to Rosemary Arcari Schier, $219,900.

3217 W Bruce Dr

Irene and Sheldon Saffren to Jun H Park and Yoon G Ko, $355,000.

300 Dreshertown Rd

Sandra A Jeskie Gray to Michael Wiley and Jolene Hutton, $742,500.

Upper Gwynedd Twp

214 Providence Ln

Atlantis Properties LP to Carolyn P McKee, $340,000.

Upper Hanover Twp

1126 Rosemont Ter

Northgate Dev Co LP to Edward T and Kate E Coleman, $249,289.

1236 Rosemont Ter

Northgate Dev Co LP to Lori M Thompson, $247,275.

1346 Wheatland Ave

Northgate Dev Co LP to Tara Y Jackson, $365,636.

Upper Merion Twp

709 Coates St

Mary A Flack et al to Karl M Schatz and Christine Hylinski, $208,500.

365 Covered Bridge Rd

Mary Jo Keszczyk to Laura A and Jeffrey R Zurita, $364,000.

206 Holly Dr

Ronald G Allen Jr to Deborah M Nolan, $174,500.

432 Keebler Rd

Lisa M and Franco J Lamesta to Melissa K M and William L Patton, $250,000.

345 King of Prussia Rd

Mast Clair LLC to Shawn Coyle, $500,000.

627 Kingwood Rd

Patricia A and Dominig J Battaglio to Craig A and Kathryn E Pope, $185,600.

506 Old Fort Rd

Dorothy F Kolterman Living Tr to Lang Nguyen and Xuan Tran, $255,000.

647A Summit St

John J and Karen S Sion to Richard A Pope III, $282,000.

2000 Valley Forge Cir, Unit 1424

Richard A Tann Living Tr to Scott L Barbee, $245,000.

548 Weadley Rd

Prudential Relocation Inc to Paul Volkmer, $340,000.

531 Williamsburg Way

Jingjing Chen and Daohua Zhang to Mary Jo Keszczyk, $265,000.

Upper Moreland Twp

600 Crown St

Judith A and George J Goehler to April L and Jeffrey C Stainback, $135,000.

15 Fern Ave

Thomas and Cynthia D Oliva to Melissa and Adam Zipper, $260,000.

Upper Pottsgrove Twp

1655 Brynne Ln

Victor B Strong to Clifton and Chamnit Ford, $195,100.

59 Green View Dr

Th Prop LLC to Anne M Hinaman, $194,987.

307 Summer Grove Ln

RC Management Corp to Crystal and Steven Comstock, $348,351.

Upper Providence Twp

41 Hunt Club Dr

Yvette A Moncrieffe and Orlando Moncrieffe Jr to Todd C Harrison, $273,000.

1206 Meadowview Ln, Unit 1206

Francis McLaughlin to Reynaldo M Santos, $130,000.

6 S Quail Dr

Kevin Kaing to James Nastasi, $517,500.

Upper Salford Twp

942 Old Sumneytown Pike

David J Fox and Denise C Baron to Cecilia Richetti, $295,000.

West Conshohocken Boro

14 Merion Ave

John and Angela Vanni to Stephen D and Tracy E Simpson, $270,000.

1004 Riverview Ln

Kami and Josh Verne to Victor A Zachian, $657,000.

1124 Riverview Ln

Adele Tiburzio and Nancy Wilhelm Ruttenberg to Gilla Mendels Robbins, $950,000.

416 Spring Garden Ln

Stacy D and Robert A Katchman to Adele Tiburzio and Nancy Wilhelm Ruttenberg, $875,000.

West Norriton Twp

1968 Byrd Dr

Anita Knolmayer to Susan B and Jeffrey A Kurtz, $270,000.

1447 W Ridge Pike

Dominic Pasquale and Catherine M Simcich to Geoffrey Zachau, $130,000.

2016 Virginia Ln

Estate of Stephen F J Morris to Sarah and David Ingram, $305,000.

114 Wendover Dr, Unit 8A

Bernadette M Walsh and John Walsh Jr to Megan Dempsey, $166,000.

West Pottsgrove Twp

414 Howard St

Norcastle Corp to Brandi L Hartline, $167,900.

Whitemarsh Twp

5 Pin Oak Ct

Carl M Rosenfeld and Abbey R Lacheen to Eric Wells, $323,000.

Whitpain Twp

1750 Chalk Ave

Estate of Harold D Kriebel to Ola Alkudsi and Feras Alhaffar, $265,000.

160 Sawgrass Dr

Edna M and Kevin J Kuliga to Cory D and Dana M Schemm, $480,000.

Worcester Twp

1422 Reiner Rd

Bell Kumpf Invest LP to Noreen and Salvatore DiPrinzio, $778,963.