These Atlantic and Cape May County transactions, recorded March 21, 2007, to Aug. 31, are compiled from information on file with the counties. They represent sales of $50,000 or more.



315 Coolidge Ave

Rachel Warner to Mark Patten and Kathryn Patten, $222,000.

127 W Faunce Landing Rd

Charles Hartwell and Sandra Hartwell to Charles Waldmann III, $150,000.

20 Oyster Bay Rd unit A

William Upton and Carolyn Upton to Tina Brown, $179,500.

77 E Woodland Ave

Robin Wardle to Nancy Harrigan, $171,500.

Atlantic City

2015 Blaine Ave

Njc Realty LLC to Mohammad Uddullah, $240,000.

12 N Boston Ave

Page Forth to Ikbal Miah, $330,000.

31 N Delancy Pl

Noe Serrano to Khatiza Begum, $307,000.

41 S Delancy Pl

Nasir Uddin and Mohammid Mia to Nashima Begum and Soharab Hossain, $625,000.

1724 Hummock Ave

Cheryl Beckam to Pak Hong, $137,000.

101 S Raleigh Ave unit 324

J Clifford Elder and Nancy Elder to Walter Ray Jr and Rosemary Ray, $299,000.

21 N Texas Ave

Atlantic City Affordable Housi to Nazrul Chowdhury, $185,000.

3411 Winchester Ave

Dawn Minter to Kenneth Slemmer, $350,000.


214 N 15th St

2101 Ocean Avenue LLC to Craig Rogerson and Catrina Bergerson, $3,200,000.

8 Explorer Cv

Shirley Schreiber Revocalbe Tr to Luigi Lupinacci and Doretta Lupinacci, $415,000.

Buena Boro

106 E Arbor Ave

Milagro Ramos and Ernesto Ramos to Jesus Motta, $57,500.

616 Forest Grove Rd

Steven Brown to Brian Garofalo and Melanie Holton, $128,000.

Buena Vista Twp

110 Cedar Lake Dr

Jamie Vanacker Sr to Sean Vanacker, $194,000.


433 Godfrey Ln

William Brown III to Carla Jones, $190,200.

Egg Harbor Twp

130 Crystal Lake Dr

Somerset Lakes LLC to Gennaro Sodano and Maria Sodano, $389,800.

104 Daphne Rd

Rex Shipp and Susan Shipp to Marianne Ricevuto, $430,000.

111 Douglass Ave

Richard Berge to Linda Severt, $175,000.

22 Hartford Dr

Alliance At Wellington LLC to Valentino Tomassetti and Karla Tomassetti, $612,500.

20 Linda Ln

Patricia Phelps and Jeffrey Phelps to Jason Lundy and Erin Lundy, $212,000.

246 London Ct

Stephen Steet and Michele Steet to Daniel Campbell, $172,000.

107 Park Ave

Nichole Imperatore to Gary Stinson, $252,500.

321 Pine Ave

Anthony Dispirito to Michael Ballard and Michele Ballard, $269,080.

4021 Ridge Ave

Mahbuba Akhtar to Mahmuda Akhtar, $355,000.

506 Saint Thomas Dr

Nonilon Vale and Belma Vale to Miguel Villanueva and Berta Villanueva, $290,000.

106 Seaside Ave

Doris Harrington to James Harris II and Nicole Harris, $255,000.

362 Sunflower Dr

D R Horton Inc to Geraldine Shannon, $251,540.

332 Superior Rd

Ronald Archer to Carleena Smith and David Supp, $303,500.

205 Waterford Rd

K Hovnanian At Egg Harbor Twp to Derek Devivo and Lynn Devivo, $408,909.

Galloway Twp

67 Arapaho Pl

George Lepre and Geraldine Lepre to Aesha Qareeb, $151,900.

436 Ebony Tree Ave

Tanveer Akhtar to Darryl Gaston, $319,000.

30 Leeds Point Rd

John Falivene to Gerard Ossipo and Rachel Warner, $385,000.

198 Mattix Run

Lisa Hackett to Curtis Dillard, $173,000.

729 Moonraker Ct

Lawrence Palecek and Colleen Palecek to Lucy Rodgers, $250,000.

505 S Pitney Rd

Richard Clute to Ruth Tentsoglides, $203,000.

29 Seneca Dr

Barry Shad and Nina Shad to Thavone Vongphachanh and Adrien Mills, $175,000.

471 S Spruce Ave

Michael Baurer to Lee Sandler and Maria Sandler, $266,000.

151 Sussex Pl

Plaza 2700 LLC to Jennifer Marcello, $131,377.

52 Theresa Ct

Shakuntalaben Patel to Suresh Patel, $150,000.

Hamilton Twp

4522 Concord Pl

Jaclyn Siscone to Cora Burgess, $152,000.

2845 Forsythia Ct

Fei Chan and Yeong Ng to Vonetta Harris, $145,000.

2702 Grange Ct

Christopher Shustock and Jill Shustock to Wen Yin, $195,000.

2816 Hawthorn Ct

Michael Bellace and Nenita Bellace to Kevin Kleitches and Juliana Kleitches, $92,500.

6211 Phillips Ave

Wendy Ludwig and Kirk Ludwig to John Sloan and Joann Cavallo, $184,000.

6149 Robin Dr

Lorenzo Tuccinardi to Carl Riccio and Patricia Riccio, $242,000.

20 Summit Cir

Andrew Manzano and Heather Manzano to Claudia Marin and Timothy Davis, $273,900.

Hammonton Twp

150 Anderson Ave

Dolly Cosima Kennish to Debora Derosa, $230,000.

78 Centennial Dr

David Porter and Joan Porter to Salvatore Venturini and Maria Venturini, $300,000.

39 Lahn Ln

Pulte Home Of Nj LP to Howard Paynter and Jeanette Paynter, $439,440.

1 Samuel Dr

Robert Boal and Rebecca Boal to Robert Buccilli and Tami Buccilli, $339,000.


3 Dartmouth Ln

Richard Kabat and Shirley Kabat to Jack Gartner and Maritza Gartner, $520,000.

Margate City

5a N Huntington Ave

John Kaichen Trust to Charles Scott and Cheryl Scott, $715,000.

8200 Winchester Ave

David Richman and Jean Richman to Lester Weinraub and Donna Weinraub, $475,000.


120 Bonnie Lee Dr

Arline Gibson to Liam Jones and Lisa Kalin, $255,000.

227 W Glencove Ave

Thomas Campbell and Judith Campbell to Bryant Campbell and Christin Campbell, $312,500.

Pleasantville City

225 W Leeds Ave unit 69

Jonathan Bleier to Rasheed Brooks, $138,800.

21 E Park Ave

Jose Cruzado and Carmen Rosa to Ana Rosado, $228,000.

306 W Wright St

Luz Medina to Catalina Arellanes, $175,000.

Cape May

Cape May Point

103 S Lake Dr

and William Estate Of Dorothy M Orr to Gerald J and Anita D Britt, $770,000.

Dennis Twp

433 Stipson Island Rd

Michael Sean and Kathleen Klein to Kelly Klein, $225,000.

Lower Twp

34 Alexander Ave

Joseph A Bowden to Shawn and Sherri Morris, $156,000.

412 Beach Ave

Kevin and Linda McGuinness to Robert C McGrath, $255,000.

600 Caspian Ave

Frances and James McAroy to Peter M and Kari Scott, $229,000.

26 Old Mill Dr

Anna Kolanko and Richard E Sandman Esq to Joann A Pfender, $180,000.

906 Seashore Rd

Joanne M Lee to Casimir and Mary Jane Rupinski, $594,500.

North Wildwood

204 W 16th Ave

Thomas Sweitzer to Jeffrey and Joanne Thompson, $282,500.

1206 Ocean Ave unit 103

Dennis Finnegan to Craig P and Paula M Torosian, $353,000.

620 W Pine Ave unit 1

Mariann Falchetta Edelmayer to Frank and Jean Dangelo, $235,000.

Ocean City

113 W 17th St

Ronald C Gifford Jr to D Bruce and Susan S McClenathan, $859,900.

5711 Atlantic Ave unit 201

Richard J Patterson to Kevin Kilmurray, $650,000.

5037-5039 Central Ave

Richard W and Grace Boss Sr to Richard W and Lynda Boss Jr, $310,000.

119 Waterway Rd

Paul R and Julie A Dinapoli to Paul Joseph and Daria A Murta, $1,100,000.

2545 West Ave

Paul L and Mary Ann Nespoli to Jeffrey L and Mary Pat Fralick, $400,000.

Upper Twp

4 Cedarcrest Ct

Cutbo LLC to Peter Mora Dr and Theresa Defranco Dr, $439,900.

11 Jonathan Dr

Larry G and Jean W Griffie to Charles H Brandt and Sandra L Snyder, $465,000.

460 Route 49

Alfonso Dagostino and John D Agostino to Robert S Clouting, $250,000.

867 Route 50

Frederick W Hauber and Estate Of Florence Rosa to David J Prudhomme, $199,000.