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Shore real estate transactions

These Atlantic and Cape May County transactions, recorded March 21, 2007, to Aug. 31, are compiled from information on file with the counties. They represent sales of $50,000 or more.

These Atlantic and Cape May County transactions, recorded March 21, 2007, to Aug. 31, are compiled from information on file with the counties. They represent sales of $50,000 or more.



315 Coolidge Ave

Rachel Warner to Mark Patten and Kathryn Patten, $222,000.

127 W Faunce Landing Rd

Charles Hartwell and Sandra Hartwell to Charles Waldmann III, $150,000.

20 Oyster Bay Rd unit A

William Upton and Carolyn Upton to Tina Brown, $179,500.

77 E Woodland Ave

Robin Wardle to Nancy Harrigan, $171,500.

Atlantic City

2015 Blaine Ave

Njc Realty LLC to Mohammad Uddullah, $240,000.

12 N Boston Ave

Page Forth to Ikbal Miah, $330,000.

31 N Delancy Pl

Noe Serrano to Khatiza Begum, $307,000.

41 S Delancy Pl

Nasir Uddin and Mohammid Mia to Nashima Begum and Soharab Hossain, $625,000.

1724 Hummock Ave

Cheryl Beckam to Pak Hong, $137,000.

101 S Raleigh Ave unit 324

J Clifford Elder and Nancy Elder to Walter Ray Jr and Rosemary Ray, $299,000.

21 N Texas Ave

Atlantic City Affordable Housi to Nazrul Chowdhury, $185,000.

3411 Winchester Ave

Dawn Minter to Kenneth Slemmer, $350,000.


214 N 15th St

2101 Ocean Avenue LLC to Craig Rogerson and Catrina Bergerson, $3,200,000.

8 Explorer Cv

Shirley Schreiber Revocalbe Tr to Luigi Lupinacci and Doretta Lupinacci, $415,000.

Buena Boro

106 E Arbor Ave

Milagro Ramos and Ernesto Ramos to Jesus Motta, $57,500.

616 Forest Grove Rd

Steven Brown to Brian Garofalo and Melanie Holton, $128,000.

Buena Vista Twp

110 Cedar Lake Dr

Jamie Vanacker Sr to Sean Vanacker, $194,000.


433 Godfrey Ln

William Brown III to Carla Jones, $190,200.

Egg Harbor Twp

130 Crystal Lake Dr

Somerset Lakes LLC to Gennaro Sodano and Maria Sodano, $389,800.

104 Daphne Rd

Rex Shipp and Susan Shipp to Marianne Ricevuto, $430,000.

111 Douglass Ave

Richard Berge to Linda Severt, $175,000.

22 Hartford Dr

Alliance At Wellington LLC to Valentino Tomassetti and Karla Tomassetti, $612,500.

20 Linda Ln

Patricia Phelps and Jeffrey Phelps to Jason Lundy and Erin Lundy, $212,000.

246 London Ct

Stephen Steet and Michele Steet to Daniel Campbell, $172,000.

107 Park Ave

Nichole Imperatore to Gary Stinson, $252,500.

321 Pine Ave

Anthony Dispirito to Michael Ballard and Michele Ballard, $269,080.

4021 Ridge Ave

Mahbuba Akhtar to Mahmuda Akhtar, $355,000.

506 Saint Thomas Dr

Nonilon Vale and Belma Vale to Miguel Villanueva and Berta Villanueva, $290,000.

106 Seaside Ave

Doris Harrington to James Harris II and Nicole Harris, $255,000.

362 Sunflower Dr

D R Horton Inc to Geraldine Shannon, $251,540.

332 Superior Rd

Ronald Archer to Carleena Smith and David Supp, $303,500.

205 Waterford Rd

K Hovnanian At Egg Harbor Twp to Derek Devivo and Lynn Devivo, $408,909.

Galloway Twp

67 Arapaho Pl

George Lepre and Geraldine Lepre to Aesha Qareeb, $151,900.

436 Ebony Tree Ave

Tanveer Akhtar to Darryl Gaston, $319,000.

30 Leeds Point Rd

John Falivene to Gerard Ossipo and Rachel Warner, $385,000.

198 Mattix Run

Lisa Hackett to Curtis Dillard, $173,000.

729 Moonraker Ct

Lawrence Palecek and Colleen Palecek to Lucy Rodgers, $250,000.

505 S Pitney Rd

Richard Clute to Ruth Tentsoglides, $203,000.

29 Seneca Dr

Barry Shad and Nina Shad to Thavone Vongphachanh and Adrien Mills, $175,000.

471 S Spruce Ave

Michael Baurer to Lee Sandler and Maria Sandler, $266,000.

151 Sussex Pl

Plaza 2700 LLC to Jennifer Marcello, $131,377.

52 Theresa Ct

Shakuntalaben Patel to Suresh Patel, $150,000.

Hamilton Twp

4522 Concord Pl

Jaclyn Siscone to Cora Burgess, $152,000.

2845 Forsythia Ct

Fei Chan and Yeong Ng to Vonetta Harris, $145,000.

2702 Grange Ct

Christopher Shustock and Jill Shustock to Wen Yin, $195,000.

2816 Hawthorn Ct

Michael Bellace and Nenita Bellace to Kevin Kleitches and Juliana Kleitches, $92,500.

6211 Phillips Ave

Wendy Ludwig and Kirk Ludwig to John Sloan and Joann Cavallo, $184,000.

6149 Robin Dr

Lorenzo Tuccinardi to Carl Riccio and Patricia Riccio, $242,000.

20 Summit Cir

Andrew Manzano and Heather Manzano to Claudia Marin and Timothy Davis, $273,900.

Hammonton Twp

150 Anderson Ave

Dolly Cosima Kennish to Debora Derosa, $230,000.

78 Centennial Dr

David Porter and Joan Porter to Salvatore Venturini and Maria Venturini, $300,000.

39 Lahn Ln

Pulte Home Of Nj LP to Howard Paynter and Jeanette Paynter, $439,440.

1 Samuel Dr

Robert Boal and Rebecca Boal to Robert Buccilli and Tami Buccilli, $339,000.


3 Dartmouth Ln

Richard Kabat and Shirley Kabat to Jack Gartner and Maritza Gartner, $520,000.

Margate City

5a N Huntington Ave

John Kaichen Trust to Charles Scott and Cheryl Scott, $715,000.

8200 Winchester Ave

David Richman and Jean Richman to Lester Weinraub and Donna Weinraub, $475,000.


120 Bonnie Lee Dr

Arline Gibson to Liam Jones and Lisa Kalin, $255,000.

227 W Glencove Ave

Thomas Campbell and Judith Campbell to Bryant Campbell and Christin Campbell, $312,500.

Pleasantville City

225 W Leeds Ave unit 69

Jonathan Bleier to Rasheed Brooks, $138,800.

21 E Park Ave

Jose Cruzado and Carmen Rosa to Ana Rosado, $228,000.

306 W Wright St

Luz Medina to Catalina Arellanes, $175,000.

Cape May

Cape May Point

103 S Lake Dr

and William Estate Of Dorothy M Orr to Gerald J and Anita D Britt, $770,000.

Dennis Twp

433 Stipson Island Rd

Michael Sean and Kathleen Klein to Kelly Klein, $225,000.

Lower Twp

34 Alexander Ave

Joseph A Bowden to Shawn and Sherri Morris, $156,000.

412 Beach Ave

Kevin and Linda McGuinness to Robert C McGrath, $255,000.

600 Caspian Ave

Frances and James McAroy to Peter M and Kari Scott, $229,000.

26 Old Mill Dr

Anna Kolanko and Richard E Sandman Esq to Joann A Pfender, $180,000.

906 Seashore Rd

Joanne M Lee to Casimir and Mary Jane Rupinski, $594,500.

North Wildwood

204 W 16th Ave

Thomas Sweitzer to Jeffrey and Joanne Thompson, $282,500.

1206 Ocean Ave unit 103

Dennis Finnegan to Craig P and Paula M Torosian, $353,000.

620 W Pine Ave unit 1

Mariann Falchetta Edelmayer to Frank and Jean Dangelo, $235,000.

Ocean City

113 W 17th St

Ronald C Gifford Jr to D Bruce and Susan S McClenathan, $859,900.

5711 Atlantic Ave unit 201

Richard J Patterson to Kevin Kilmurray, $650,000.

5037-5039 Central Ave

Richard W and Grace Boss Sr to Richard W and Lynda Boss Jr, $310,000.

119 Waterway Rd

Paul R and Julie A Dinapoli to Paul Joseph and Daria A Murta, $1,100,000.

2545 West Ave

Paul L and Mary Ann Nespoli to Jeffrey L and Mary Pat Fralick, $400,000.

Upper Twp

4 Cedarcrest Ct

Cutbo LLC to Peter Mora Dr and Theresa Defranco Dr, $439,900.

11 Jonathan Dr

Larry G and Jean W Griffie to Charles H Brandt and Sandra L Snyder, $465,000.

460 Route 49

Alfonso Dagostino and John D Agostino to Robert S Clouting, $250,000.

867 Route 50

Frederick W Hauber and Estate Of Florence Rosa to David J Prudhomme, $199,000.