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Delaware County real estate transactions

Delaware County

These transactions were recorded in February.

Aldan Boro

60 S Glenwood Ave

Luke Stevens to Michael A and Elisa P Rogers, $158,000.

500 W Magnolia Ave

Monica I Knapp to Edward Jr and Carolann Kapuscinski, $259,000.

111 Stratford Ave

Joseph DiRenza to Harry A Short, $162,500.

Aston Twp

4900 Concord Rd

Tony Kight to Kathy L Kowalski, $160,000.

62 Dutton Mill Rd

Grace E Racine to Richard and Theresa Yannuzzi, $132,000.

4701 Pennell Rd, Unit C-7

James W and Mary E Sparks to Florence A Martin, $102,000.

Bethel Twp

1501 Naamans Creek Rd

Geoffrey Grosso to Nitin and Roopa Pai, $420,000.

Brookhaven Boro

5200 Hilltop Dr, Unit G1

Emilie M Linkins to Leslie and Danielle Jaggers, $154,900.

4271 Marianne Dr

Dale A Sims to Joseph A and Kelly L Chiponis, $260,000.

Chadds Ford Twp

1470 Smithbridge Rd

D Leonard and Kathi Cohen to Cedar Creek LP, $430,000.

Chester City

102 E 24th St

Robert Simpson to McP Investment Properties, $80,000.

Chester Heights Boro

97 Briarcliff Ct

Nicholas T Gordon to Stephanie Fitti, $225,000.

296 Llewellyn Rd

Phillip J and Carmelita M DiBona to Paul J and Vicki M Townend, $449,900.

Clifton Heights Boro

51 W Madison Ave

Robert M and Rosemary L Reber to Robert L Atkinson, $129,900.

Collingdale Boro

110 Jackson Ave

Brett Shaffer to Scott A Eller, $123,500.

226 Pusey Ave

Brian Campbell to Richard L Butler Jr, $106,000.

Concord Twp

602 Homestead Ln

Donald K Gregan to Stephen Seiden, $272,000.

Darby Twp

212 Rively Ave

Charles W Benjamin Jr and Ron P Benjamin to Diana Wiley, $145,000.

751 Rively Ave

Michael Zambon to William Driscoll and Lauren Gavin, $149,999.

305 Westbridge Rd

Alison Wigo to Susan R Wigo, $156,000.

East Lansdowne Boro

2131/2 Melrose Ave

William J Cook Jr to Joan E Bromley, $100,000.

Folcroft Boro

1929 Delmar Dr

Samuel J Jr and Sandra Mormando to Kevin Boone, $104,000.

2150 Valleyview Dr

Kenneth Haines et al to Robert C and Grace M McKenna, $145,000.

2152 Valleyview Dr

Robert and Grace McKenna to Yvette L Benson, $105,000.

Haverford Twp

823 Ardmore Ave

Michael McCarthy to Lewis B Robbins and Erick K Shaw, $221,000.

826 Aubrey Ave

Samuel A Evans to Albert Martin, $99,000.

112 Brentwood Rd

Eleanor Bonder to Jose V Rodriquez, $230,000.

621 Ellis Rd

William J and Heather A Leahy to Janine Barsoum and Jeffrey Butcher, $515,000.

509 Haverford Ct

Derrick Smith to Ronald Smith, $380,000.

2343 Haverford Rd

Paul and Virginia Koutsiouroubas to Millas Properties LLC, $300,000.

601 E Manoa Rd

Michael and Helen Ruane to Stephen Iskrant, $320,000.

187 Treaty Rd

Frank and Shelby Sparrow to Thomas J Jr and Kellie A Rutledge, $300,000.

1418 Virginia Ave

Stephen G Johnston to Jenny Yau, $277,500.

Lower Chichester Twp

107 Chadwick Ave

Makeover Properties LLC to Joel and Ginette R Hendley, $115,000.

138 Edwards St

Lisa A Ebright to Mark and Faith A Atkins, $129,900.

30 Ridge Rd

Shawn M McClellan to Joseph M Uzdavinis, $178,000.

Marple Twp

23 W Greenhill Rd

Lorraine W Funk to John A Carty, $185,000.

315 Yale Ave

Kenneth S Smith to Rufino Delgadillo, $300,000.

Media Boro

506 N Olive St

Clarence P Henderson et al to McSorley LLP, $90,000.

Middletown Twp

111 Chipmunk Ln

Wyant and Jacqueline Tolan to Blake Strine, $250,000.

232 Clover Cir

James M and Kathleen M Lange to Linda and Michael Gallo, $425,000.

422 Meadowhurst Ln

Gregory M Puckett to Karen Bittner Kight, $278,500.

122 Yearsley Mill Rd

Anthony M McCullough to Arthur and Michelle M Weisen, $765,000.

Morton Boro

505 Morton Ave

Rosetta Santo to Kevin and Erin Archer, $240,000.

Nether Providence Twp

212 Avondale Rd

Central Penn Property to John T and Catherine P Scott, $327,000.

Newtown Twp

107 Oxley Ct

Kymm L Fischer to Maureen D Horstmann, $247,500.

156 Ridgefield Rd

Albert H and Marlene Moskowitz to Saint Albans Developers LLC, $375,000.

Norwood Boro

501 Devon Rd

Denis B Sheils to David L Caracci and Teresa Keenan, $173,000.

Radnor Twp

128 Brooke Farm Rd

Gregory D Flexter to John P Schnauffer, $1,686,250.

610 Brookside Ave

Ben Sparango to Timothy J Carney, $756,756.

225 Hansell Rd

Andrew J and Julie E Pope to Ryan P and Kristin M Gray, $630,000.

510 Inveraray Rd

Ann S Bowman to Prashant S Bhandare and Arathi Sambasivan, $880,000.

247 Lowrys Ln

Emily B Geer to Jonmichael Daly and Rebecca O'Donnell, $272,000.

900 Parkes Run Ln

Matthew M Strickler to Charles F and Katherine S Pilkington, $1,740,000.

229 Rockingham Rd

Michael Krueger to Harold I and Maria I Hollero, $276,500.

54 Wentworth Ln

D Michael Keelan to Amy and Marc Schwarz, $285,000.

510 Woodland Ct

Frank and Mary E Rippel to Joseph B and Mary C Dixon, $397,439.

Ridley Twp

1812 5th Ave

Carol A Bucolo to Russell Harper and Michelle Gouse, $165,000.

413 Gorsuch St

Craig C Denny to Julie E Manning, $294,900.

203 Hoffman Rd

Naf Enterprises Inc to Patricia A Mulvihill, $209,900.

717 Tasker Ave

Lisa A Sutton to Adrienne Cox, $211,000.

696 Willow Bend Dr

William J Manning to J Jeffrey and Denise M Kopko, $372,000.

Springfield Twp

332 Hawarden Rd

Christopher A Scarduzio to Nicholas M and Vanessa Orloff, $410,000.

710 Kelli Ln

Randolph B Deger to Mai Q Nguyen, $620,000.

110 S Norwinden Dr

Nell Okolowski to Albert Martin, $150,000.

932 Stewart Ave

Richard Jackson to Aileen Bevenour, $320,000.

Swarthmore Boro

216 S Chester Rd

C Richard Stigelman to John S and Kay Coldiron, $675,000.

135 Guernsey Rd

Edwin H and Frances Ham to Vibhat Nair and Jing Wang, $575,000.

904 Strath Haven Ave

Thomas and Catherine Scott to Richard J and Ruth K Goldman, $295,000.

Thornbury Twp

76 Cherry Farm Ln

David J Cunningham to Jason and Janet Gentile, $800,000.

8 Portsmouth Cir

Orleans Corp to Susan Gunderson, $383,945.

31 Skyline Dr

Richard P Johnson to Stephen G Johnston, $372,500.

Upper Chichester Twp

2404 3d Ave

Jeanette W Neumayr to Scott J Boyd and Sandra M Moore, $125,000.

1 Dana Ct

Michael G Mortimer to Anthony P Cappiali and Judith M McGinnis, $220,000.

Upper Darby Twp

2708 Eldon Ave

Jeanne M Moehringer to Marcia R Ganoe, $189,000.

437 Kenwood Rd

Lara F Goldman to Warren Williams and Joan Irving, $318,000.

72 N Keystone Ave

Stergios Paschos to Marlon E Sanchez Carrillo, $80,000.

740 Laurel Ln

Jacqueline M Bell to John J and Kristin Beelis, $150,000.

904 Mason Ave

Patricia A Smith to Robert B and Laura A Cornett, $240,000.

21 Oakley Rd

John G Callaghan Jr to Michael Rodgers and Kevin Mundey, $142,500.

211 Pilgrim Ln

Richard and Patricia Erdos to Eric B Jackson, $180,000.

7112 Sellers Ave

Charles W and Isabella L Walton to Huberman and Marie C Lormeus, $150,000.

68 Sunshine Rd

John J Dewees to Theresa Appleton, $84,900.

7281 Walnut St

Maria Tahopoulos to Roosevelt Devine and George H Marshall, $112,000.

Upper Providence Twp

487 Braves Trail Ln

John Mongold to Robert J and Lorraine L Hancox, $410,000.

1205 Providence Rd

Neil and Caren H Greenstein to Norman F Watts, $216,000.

104 Water Mill Ln

Greenbriar Assoc LP to Richard D and Carole J Germano, $1,950,000.

139 Winter St

Robert J and Donna M Hazlett to Tiffany Henry and Jay Buterbaugh, $230,000.

Yeadon Boro

726 Cypress St

Cool Valley Investments to Linda R Oveida, $164,000.

1032 Serrill Ave

Frederick E Johnson to Felix Tokam Tagne, $150,000.