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Main Line real estate transactions

All sales were recorded in February



32 Ashtree Ln

Toll Bros to H Houston and Elizabeth C Meigs, $756,137.

East Whiteland

24 Sugar Ridge Ln

Dennis W and Catherine Virginia Sabo to Michael D Dunphy and Suzanne P Dunpht, $475,000.

55 Watch Hill Ln

Dan Palmer and Joseph Delio to Thomas and Danielle Ayala, $593,500.


311 Berkeley Rd

311 Berkeley LP to William J Jr and Ann L Cantwell, $3,700,000.


80 Amity Dr

Michele McCurdy to Howard and Joanne Griffel, $336,000.

608 Weadley Rd

Matthew R and Kelly J Graver to Ming He and Wenqin Feng, $675,000.


423 Cranberry Ln

Ruth K Hagy to Angela R Bangert and Regina M Metcalf, $383,500.

31 Ridings Way

Myung Hwan and Chang Soon Song to Dilip and Hema Pandhi, $520,000.



823 Ardmore Ave

Michael McCarthy to Lewis B Robbins and Erick K Shaw, $221,000.

826 Aubrey Ave

Samuel A Evans to Albert Martin, $99,000.

112 Brentwood Rd

Eleanor Bonder to Jose V Rodriquez, $230,000.

621 Ellis Rd

William J and Heather A Leahy to Janine Barsoum and Jeffrey Butcher, $515,000.

509 Haverford Ct

Derrick Smith to Ronald Smith, $380,000.

2343 Haverford Rd

Paul and Virginia Koutsiouroubas to Millas Properties LLC, $300,000.

601 E Manoa Rd

Michael and Helen Ruane to Stephen Iskrant, $320,000.

187 Treaty Rd

Frank and Shelby Sparrow to Thomas J Jr and Kellie A Rutledge, $300,000.

1418 Virginia Ave

Stephen G Johnston to Jenny Yau, $277,500.

Lower Chichester

107 Chadwick Ave

Makeover Properties LLC to Joel and Ginette R Hendley, $115,000.

138 Edwards St

Lisa A Ebright to Mark and Faith A Atkins, $129,900.

30 Ridge Rd

Shawn M McClellan to Joseph M Uzdavinis, $178,000.


23 W Greenhill Rd

Lorraine W Funk to John A Carty, $185,000.

315 Yale Ave

Kenneth S Smith to Rufino Delgadillo, $300,000.


107 Oxley Ct

Kymm L Fischer to Maureen D Horstmann, $247,500.

156 Ridgefield Rd

Albert H and Marlene Moskowitz to Saint Albans Developers LLC, $375,000.


128 Brooke Farm Rd

Gregory D Flexter to John P Schnauffer, $1,686,250.

610 Brookside Ave

Ben Sparango to Timothy J Carney, $756,756.

225 Hansell Rd

Andrew J and Julie E Pope to Ryan P and Kristin M Gray, $630,000.

510 Inveraray Rd

Ann S Bowman to Prashant S Bhandare and Arathi Sambasivan, $880,000.

247 Lowrys Ln

Emily B Geer to Jonmichael Daly and Rebecca O'Donnell, $272,000.

900 Parkes Run Ln

Matthew M Strickler to Charles F and Katherine S Pilkington, $1,740,000.

229 Rockingham Rd

Michael Krueger to Harold I and Maria I Hollero, $276,500.

54 Wentworth Ln

D Michael Keelan to Amy and Marc Schwarz, $285,000.

510 Woodland Ct

Frank and Mary E Rippel to Joseph B and Mary C Dixon, $397,439.


Lower Merion

1001 City Ave

Ruth Esther Block to Linda C and Howard D Wolfson, $182,500.

1001 City Ave

Herbert and Evelyn Brener to Diane E Paganuzzi and Jerry Zaslow, $171,500.

983 Derring Ln

Mark and Debra Bluestein to Anand M Kini and Shami Shenoy, $1,175,000.

1365 Fenimore Ln

Fenimore LP, Bernard J Drueding et al to Eric N and Kellyn W Hodges, $3,186,395.

1311 Hagys Ford Rd

Michelle L and John W Ashby to Sasha E and Philip P Schrode, $675,000.

1600 Hagys Ford Rd

Lisa Jobs to Kyung and Vincent T Kim, $193,000.

243 Harrogate Rd

Roger Braunfeld to Deborah E Tonsey, $371,000.

346 E Lancaster Av

Kimberly Camp to William R Cronin, $135,000.

922 W Montgomery A

Katarina K Sheronas to Thomas Carlin, $216,000.

930 W Montgomery A

Marcia Yarin Beck to Cheryl A Petersohn, $260,000.

1107 W Montgomery

Steven H Erlbaum to Mary Barton, $264,000.

1637 Oakwood Dr

Alan and Nancy G Lipton to Barry C and Ellen K Savitz, $310,000.

414 Old Lancaster

Maureen E and J Russell Cullen to John M and Mary Ann Meyers, $730,000.

190 Presidential B

Martin Weinberg to Edmund Dunn, $437,500.

1256 Round Hill Rd

Joyce L Finkbiner to James R Schaeffer, $800,000.

317 W Spring Ave

Abi Buchanan, Robert Parker et al to John Coogan, $145,000.

107 Strawbridge Ct

John S Connors to Mark and Lynne Cooper, $915,000.

532 Wynlyn Rd

Nancy V and Mark F Greene to Deborah and Michael Srulevich, $535,000.


115 Chestnut Ave

Brigid M Maguire and Peter T Liston to Kristin and Daniel Kobell, $595,000.

Upper Merion

1120 Brians Way

Brian W and Linda M Noll to Francisco D Martinez Landin, $490,000.

1130 Brians Way

Barbara Cohen to Rudolph Sciore, $490,000.

569 Charles Dr

Wilbur D Kreamer et al to Peter M Gravinese, $300,000.

138 Flintlock Rd

Walter Cherry and Robert J Wisniewski to Wayne Stem, $190,000.

224 Garfield Rd

James S and Kristin M Friend to David J Pizzico and Randi Wright, $274,000.

144 Walnut St

Waltraud A Martino et al to Teresa C and Michael F Zadroga, $245,000.