Montgomery County

These transactions were recorded in March.

Abington Twp

954 Brown Ave

James and Margaret Dunn to Ruth A Hager and James L Hager Jr, $235,000.

1954 Coolidge Ave

Margaret F Carlin to Heather A Udry, $235,000.

738 Crescent Ave

Jon F Schutz and Cynthia M Kelly Schutz to David Greenfield and Barry Greenfield, $250,000.

716 Elizabeth Rd

Rosalyn Guggenheim to Manzoor Chughtai, $200,000.

814 Gregory Rd

Joyce Straus and Joseph Straus Jr to Kevin B and Lenka B Doogan, $430,000.

2420 Independence Ave

Barclays Cap Real Est Inc and Us Bank Na Tr to John R and Marlene Cawley, $161,500.

731 Jane Rd

Pearl Radbill to Sonia Almeria and John P Cairns, $255,000.

1022 Old Ford Rd

Rina Elyce and Marcia Sklaroff to Janis M Wood and Marc A Solomon, $318,000.

1895 Old Welsh Rd

Edward P Jr and Diana R Frunzi to Vito and Kathleen A Ramano, $525,000.

2317 Old Welsh Rd

Linda M and Richard W Riggall to Kathryn M Zeller and Kenneth Mascaro, $232,500.

340 Roberts Ave

Roberta S Taylor to James M and Mary A Quigley, $376,000.

222 Tulpehocken Ave

Estate of Raymond J Marino to Robert C Pallini and Danielle Z Sandner, $200,000.

1639 Washington Ave

Leeland Builders Inc to Crystal M Harris, $262,500.

Ambler Boro

112 Rosemary Ave

Tracy L and Alison M Lewis to John M McIlhinney, $237,000.

Bridgeport Boro

225 Holstein St

Jean E Sharik to Nancy C and Frederic W Booth, $176,500.

228 Prospect Ave

Fannie Mae to Alicia Good, $148,000.

Cheltenham Twp

900 Anselm Rd

Antonio M and Linda M Goncalves to Tamara L and Robert J Maslar, $320,000.

636 Bridle Rd

Kelly L Darr and Gregory T Parks to Patrick J Hansen and Nancy Porter, $365,000.

114 Johns Rd

Cynthia Han to Judith E May, $273,000.

152 Yew Rd

Martin L and Elaine F Kaplin to Xiaowei Chen and Zhiyi Song, $285,000.

Conshohochen Boro

114 Maple St

Robin Gupta and Christopher Lilley to Lorelei Adair, $230,000.

Douglass Twp

150 Cobblestone Dr

Stewart & Conti Dev Co to Ting Ting and Steven H Hahn, $252,293.

1080 Oak Hill View Dr

Carol A and Robert W Erb to Cheryl A Moyer and Glenn A Kuszyk, $300,000.

East Norriton Twp

28 Lawnton Rd

Francis V Hess to Cherith Simmers, $179,900.

3223 Polk Rd

Michael F and Carol A Farrell to Megan L and Jason E Pinto, $350,000.

3008 Saint Vincents St

Vivian C Cuddy to Sharon A Kohut, $250,000.

540 Wellington Rd

Kimberly A and Daniel T McNulty to Francis V Hess, $250,000.

Franconia Twp

406 Auburn Ct

Th Prop LLC to Michelle Stetto and Neil B Letcavage, $258,745.

498 Berkshire Dr

Katherine and Charles E Rogers to Joan Litvin, $253,500.

Hatboro Boro

137 Crooked Billet Rd

Michelle L and Keith S Yamatani to Michelle K Crean, $260,000.

46 Fairview Ave

T David Smith to Linda Hartranft, $285,000.

459 Harrison Ave

Molly A and Jesse F Brookreson to Diane M Karch, $280,000.

Hatfield Twp

2347 Cambridge Cir

Soo Jin Kim to Ellen Michaelakis Makitka and Alexander Makitka III, $275,000.

Horsham Twp

1225 Charter Ln

Leigh A and Frank Lucia to Martin C Jr and Megan R Bryce, $780,000.

235A Milton Ave

Catherine E and Jacob Fishman to Irina Rojek and Lukasz Suchocki, $295,000.

Lansdale Boro

170 E 2d St

Kristin J Zeiner to Treena and Zulan K Chowdhury, $210,000.

217 E 4th St

Estate of Joanne M Friel to Stephen Weiss and Kimberly M Lapacinski, $165,900.

812 Columbia Ave

Joey and Cassie R Roberts to Kristy Kort, $345,000.

66 Oakland Ave

Linda M and Kevin P Robins to Matthew S and Jessica L Walters, $222,000.

405 Pierce St

Santina Tulio to Daniel J Herr, $137,500.

Limerick Twp

402 Callaway Ct

Juniper Group Inc to Cynthia E McKinney, $314,120.

5105 Drawbridge Ct

Amy T and Seamus Q DiMauro to Travis Gotwals, $190,000.

808 Horseshoe Dr

Chester View Galman Gen LLC to Nicholas Ranalli, $156,780.

903 Horseshoe Dr

Chester View Galman Assocs LLC to Martin A Green, $153,050.

514 Limerick Center Rd

Lorraine M and Alfred D DeCarlo to Elizabeth J and Colin S O'Rourke, $279,900.

343 S Limerick Rd

Estate of George R Miller to Jonah A Fanucci, $221,000.

414 Navahoe Dr

Casey Fanaro to Erin Conley and Christopher Cohen, $243,000.

1406 Red Rock Cir

Robert C Schmidenberg and Sharon L Horn to Monica L and Ryan M Law, $230,000.

100 William Penn Dr

Linda M and Joseph C Flasher to Adam K Mortensen, $350,000.

Lower Frederick Twp

57 Aspen Way

Kimberly L Lesher Lattanzi and John F Lattanzi Jr to Stephen Mosley, $156,851.

274 Grimley Rd

Bryan H Lambert and Tiffany M Morasco Lambert to David and Michelle M Messatzzia, $180,000.

116 Meng Rd

Thomas Juliano to Tiffany Lambert, $234,000.

Lower Gwynedd Twp

909 Brushtown Rd

Donald P Campbell to Georgette E and Joseph M Maiale, $640,000.

126 Culpepper Dr, Unit 16F

Catherine A Nilan to Susan Eberwine, $197,500.

439 Marion Ave

Bertha Q and Glenn R Heidler to Ann C Alaimo and Christopher W Hauser, $220,000.

104 Plymouth Rd

Pccs LP to Janet Resnick, $700,000.

Lower Moreland Twp

421 Carson Ter

Toll Pa X LP to Jenifer N Smith, $350,929.

Lower Pottsgrove Twp

30 Creekside Dr

Sirva Reloc Cred LLC to Todd A Schlegel, $222,000.

2365 Diane Ct

Diane P Mitchell to Douglas G and Gretchen S Reigh, $255,000.

Lower Providence Twp

2020 Blackbird Cir

Edward P and Mary C Byrnes to Martin R Ronky and Shaun P Gray, $590,000.

7002 Pleasant View Cir

Jackie L and Justin G Moore to Deepika and Nikhil Gandhi, $540,000.

Lower Salford Twp

960 Haldeman Rd

Linda F and Per E Tovaas to Terry L Schwartz, $414,900.

Marlborough Twp

5945 Woodridge Dr

Hancock Realty Corp to C David and Jennifer L Post, $175,000.

Montgomery Twp

7002 Colonial Ct

Liam and Renee Banks to Victor Savulyak, $235,000.

2202 Jefferson Ct

Erma S and Susan C Osthaus to David D and Francine Dunlap, $150,000.

144 Pine Crest Ln

Leo H Sevy and Ellen Davis to Husnu Onus, $353,500.

110 Royal Ct

Jeff P Denton to Jill and Daniel Jones, $726,000.

New Hanover Twp

2319 Angel Dr

Joann M and Scott S Logan to June A and Michael D Urbassik, $370,000.

522 Centennial Ave

Th Prop LLC to Joseph and Patricia Vance, $347,337.

221 Clarkdale Ln

Th Prop LLC to Anthony Gargano Jr, $300,000.

174 Evans Rd

Estate of Louella Hamel to Laura B and Thomas S Hillen, $260,000.

104 Holbrook Ln

Th Prop LLC to Michael and Annette Paxson, $304,990.

Norristown Boro

1339 Dekalb St

Angela C and Ralph E Nigro to Adele McDaniel, $239,000.

418 W Main St

Fred Schwartz and Matt Seitchik to Robert Jenkins Jr, $75,000.

804 Noble St

Central Penn Prop Ser Inc to James M Leone, $150,000.

1201 W Oak St

Estate of Bruce Speelhoffer to Leonardo Danese, $171,500.

540 Stanbridge St

Shawn Tammaro and Gerald Tammaro to Timothy A Newlin and Shawn B Condran, $159,900.

708 Swede St

Housing and Urban Devt to Mercy and Brian Torcato, $87,007.

616 Walnut St

Joseph Tucker to Deborah A Swann, $119,500.

Perkiomen Twp

802 Arbor Ln

Timothy S and Anita L Harris to Robert Scopinich and Kimberly McBryde, $541,667.

746 Martingale Rd

Maryann Shoukri to Rosanna Ferrante, $260,000.

10 Washington St

Stephen J Yetter to Eileen M Brown, $221,500.

Plymouth Twp

1340 Midland Rd

Robert L McConlogue to Alicia Bogle, $209,500.

Pottstown Boro

126 E 3d St

Adam Schwenk Jr to Jennifer Nester and Brandon Winter, $90,000.

519 N Charlotte St

James A Civello to Rose Ema and Frantz Gustave, $127,500.

709 N Charlotte St

Walter A Hamilton to Heather L Roy, $159,900.

460 N Evans St

John J and Christine M Burns to Shamilla T and Winston R Small, $111,115.

1000 N Hanover St, Unit E6

Brandi L Hartline to Ruthann Long, $99,000.

212 High St

Vesper Hanover LP to Michelle and Byung W Lim, $960,000.

1228 Queen St

Estate of Frances M Perry to Nancy L Gottshall, $145,000.

1319 Queen St

Frances Princenthal to Brian Minor, $129,000.

433 N Washington St

May Street Homeownership Inc to William T Rinaldi, $160,319.

393 York St

Pamela A Garner to Beverly T Shand and David J Pistilli, $140,000.

Royersford Boro

264 Green St

David W Boaman to Geraldine Linn, $189,500.

Skippack Twp

2106 Eastport Way

Th Prop LLC to John and Elena Intille, $422,305.

2145 Eastport Way

Th Prop LLC to Jacqueline R Sowden, $425,265.

2119 Fort Bevon Rd

Ada M and Rockford R Ash to Emma Kalbach and Steven Kalbach Jr, $219,000.

3956 Goshen Dr

Th Prop LLC to Sarbjit and Rubina Parmar, $541,082.

4109 Tranquility St

Kelly J and John C Thomas to Assunta and Ian Sladen, $405,000.

Souderton Boro

323 W Chestnut St

Dorilee F and Timothy P Milner to Jodi M and James W Ostlund, $292,500.

308 Park View Dr

Angel M E and William Primwhere to Sandra Kearney, $215,000.

Springfield Twp

35 Brookside Rd

John A and Dorothy H Livingood to Joseph Scilovati and Jeannine Solomon, $225,000.

1100 Chestnut Ln

Sharon Ross to Gabor and Kornelia Winkler, $425,000.

807 N Fairway Rd

Stephanie D Egnotovich to Robert J Jr and Lisa G Fluehr, $500,000.

106 Redford Rd

Lynn G Rogers and Donna E Mancini to Alena E and Walter G Hackett, $180,000.

12 Springfield Ave

Maryrose E and Leonard J Messina to Ronald J and Suzanne E Altieri, $225,000.

404 Station Ave

Estate of Adelaide M Flynn to Denise and Joseph Campbell, $425,000.

Telford Boro

250 W Broad St

Caredean Consulting LLC to Nicole E and Mark R Hinckle, $171,500.

31 Indian Valley Ln

Frederick C Smith Jr to Kathleen E and Donald L Bessler, $280,000.

Towamencin Twp

111 Madison Way

Kristin P and William J Hanvey to Mandy L and Daniel P Gardner, $462,500.

1557 Morgan Way

Herbert G and Marianne Freas to Richard Shock, $225,000.

Upper Dublin Twp

734 Avenue G

Dorothy W Cupchak to Richard and Jeannie Hood, $205,000.

216 Locust Rd

M Elizabeth Miller to Alden and George Heck, $379,000.

86 Tee Rd

Peter A and Elaine J Mazzeo to Maryelizabeth Gruwell and Paul A Racette, $355,000.

700 Willowmere Ln

Roberta L Kenkelen to Suzanne S Castle, $475,000.

Upper Frederick Twp

3346 Big Rd

Harry L and Gladys F Rauch to Amy and Mike Giagnacova, $150,000.

Upper Gwynedd Twp

1229 Meadowview Cir

Zaheda and Shane Hasham to Eun Jae and Eun Hyun Joo, $265,000.

38 Wexford Dr

Irene and John Theodossiou to Charlene Ryan, $158,000.

Upper Hanover Twp

1005 Runaway Dr

Nvr Inc to Glenn J and Lori A Catarious, $427,623.

Upper Merion Twp

129 Cambridge Rd

Amelia and Michael J Mangano to Joseph Greco, $285,000.

409 N Gate Rd

Bbw Prop Inc to Alim Alli, $509,900.

169 Holstein Rd

Cartus Fin Corp to Ian J Kowalczyk, $269,900.

476 Old Fort Rd

Amarjeet and Kapil Wadehra to John P Freaney and Kevin P Freaney, $246,500.

932 Stewart St

Hannah V Albini to Jeffrey J Napkori, $138,000.

1000 Valley Forge Cir, Unit 217

Joseph L & Kathleen Ciminera Living Tr to Ellen L Stoumen Goldberg and Spencer E Goldberg, $163,000.

2000 Valley Forge Cir, Unit 729

Jonathan J and Lois Gelman to Zeia Syed, $204,000.

425 Weadley Rd

Julia M Catagnus to Andrew D Slostad, $260,000.

Upper Moreland Twp

245 Brook St

Ib Property Holdings LLC to Emerson Maia, $175,000.

412 Exton Rd

John M and Edith E Geiger to Veronica M Knoll and Joshua A Collins, $243,000.

110 Forest Ave

Kevin M Matthews to Robert J Oldfield, $224,000.

Upper Pottsgrove Twp

338 Summer Grove Ln

Rouse Chamberlin Ltd to George and Tammar Williams, $345,152.

Upper Providence Twp

137 Persimmon Dr

Denise Young to Britta and Leonard Pekofsky, $430,000.

103 Poplar Ct

Traci A Cohen to Nicholas Indeglio, $247,500.

Upper Salford Twp

2771 Burton Rd

Vernetta L Bunton to Jeffrey L and Kelly B Clemens, $160,000.

2297 Rostkowski Rd

Citimortgage Inc to Robert R Chmielewski, $169,900.

West Norriton Twp

1700 Beaver Hollow Dr

Walter V and Sharon J Szlener to Linda Thierfelder, $430,000.

2021 S Yorktown

Deutsche Bank Nat Tr Co to Stacey E Lincul, $185,000.

Whitemarsh Twp

405 Fort Hill Cir

Thomas C Howell to Yu Jin Lee and Chan Hong, $315,000.

203 Marble Ln

Genevieve B Paxson to Thomas O'Donnell, $180,500.

330 Stevenson Cir

Jane and Walter C Evans to Philip R and Sharon M Goodridge, $505,000.

Whitpain Twp

530 Brookfield Ln

Robert C Fell to Susan J Liberatore and Anthony T Liberatore Jr, $695,000.

225 Kerry Ln

Daniel G and Janet M Brouse to Richard A Sebeck III and Denise M Sebeck, $425,000.

322 Maple Ave

Maximum Prop LLC to Andrew Novak, $70,000.

117 Shoal Creek Dr

Sandra D and Richard Cataldi to Lauren Mandi and Joshua M Baron, $400,000.

977 Valley Rd

Eileen B Flint to Walter Studer, $555,000.

Worcester Twp

2920 Clyston Rd

Robert R Kradzinski Jr and Linda F Jeffers Kradzinski to Matthew J and Amy M Giroux, $379,000.

1039 Nicole Dr

Nick & Les Inc to Janice M and Yadvinder Panesar, $503,525.