These Atlantic and Cape May County transactions, recorded March 28, 2007, to Sept. 6, are compiled from information on file with the counties. They represent sales of $50,000 or more.



10 Oyster Bay Rd unit G

Oyster Bay Inc to Mayoli Parra, $170,000.

Atlantic City

3 Clipper Ct

Richard Pastelaniec to Jefferson Rivera and Lisbet Robles, $270,000.

235 N North Carolina Ave

Carolina Development Group LLC to Hung Do and Binh Vo, $284,500.

1502 Penrose Ave

Eric Mason to Kelli Best, $210,000.


704 W Summer Ave

Vivian Jerrell to Anthony Depasquale and Gina Depasquale, $85,000.

Buena Vista Twp

5005 Landis Ave

Ezekial Bermudez and Norma Bermudez to Ashok Patel and Taral Patel, $285,000.

Egg Harbor Twp

4 Allison Pl

Andrew Mangam and Michelle Mangam to Melissa Jungblut, $199,000.

6 Lenape Dr

Nancy Van Riper to Robert Morgan Jr and Jennifer Kakoyannis, $250,000.

2248 Ocean Heights Ave

Robert Welton to Eric Doran Sr and Mary Doran, $199,000.

105 Ohio Ave

Carl Riccio and Patricia Riccio to Erika Smith, $250,000.

306 Shires Way

Joseph Chontos and Diane Chontos to Andrew Mangam and Michelle Mangam, $299,000.

Galloway Twp

141 Liberty Ct

John Dhuy to Syreeta Primas, $118,000.

245 Mattix Run

Nancy Perkins to William Earle, $179,500.

422 S Nectar Ave

Steven Kraly and Joanne Kraly to Kosonh Silapheth and Sherry Yeon, $250,000.

10 Pembrooke Way

Barbara Scott to Kenneth Stulack and Linda Stulack, $260,000.

36 Steeds St unit 409

Becky Killian to Danielle Rugoff, $189,000.

153 Sussex Pl

Robert Ragatz to Lourdes Rosado, $134,900.

Hamilton Twp

4707 Boxwood Pl

Anthony Farinelli to Barbara McClain, $187,500.

Linwood City

5 Wexford Ln

Dean Levin to Christopher Day, $995,000.

Pleasantville City

626 Church St

Frank Garofola to James Thompson Jr and Bridget Thompson, $237,000.

1113 S Main St

Fremont Group LLC to Ernestine Toon, $229,000.

16 Willard Ave

Dennis Jackson to Daisy Santiago and Cindy Coss, $212,200.

Cape May

Cape May

906 Columbia Ave

Donald and Candace R Scott to Alan and Elizabeth Stock, $1,200,000.

Lower Twp

146 W Greenwood Ave

Clare McClay to Robert C and Theresa M Hughes, $165,000.

45 Heron Way

Diana Bott to Porfirio Organista, $299,999.

6 Osprey Dr

Daniel A and Kay S Kline to Judith A Schacht, $255,000.

102 Roseann Ave

Dorothy M Turner to Laura Milbrandt, $225,000.

300 Spruce Ave

John R and Glenys D Singer to Mary Ann Vacarro, $700,000.

Middle Twp

47 S Beach Ave

William and Joan Erb to Martin Orourke, $200,000.

85 Bucks Ave

and John M Walters Living Trust to Thomas J and Janice M Coyle, $395,000.

56 Cedar Ave

Gerald J and Noelle Sarni to Monique Scally, $346,000.

23 Fishing Creek Rd

Vincent and Margaret E Di Mauro to John W and Gwen Doll, $300,000.

564 Goshen Rd

Robert and Tammy Kleberg to William G Aber and Erica Erb, $239,000.

7 Timberlea Ln

Louis A and Velda M Emonds to Jon and Ruth Ann Rosenberg, $375,696.

16 Woodview Ln

M & A Developers LLC to Lorrie H Nagata, $380,000.

North Wildwood

119 E 25th Ave

Peggy L Sutton to Wayne Curtis and Mary Weldon, $450,000.

125 W 3rd Ave

William R and Antoinette Callahan to William C Whitman, $400,000.

425 E 8th Ave

Vosson LLC to Dominic and Donna Raio, $483,750.

1406 New York Ave

Estate Of Frank J Sherel Jr to Joseph A and Colleen M Graham, $225,000.

West Wildwood

420 W Glenwood Ave

George and Deborah A Burgess to 34 Redbrook Ln and Linda Tidman, $355,000.

136 E Hildreth Ave

Rodrigo and Consolacion Navarro to Rosalyn Akanbi, $412,000.


5600 Seaview Ave unit 23

Seth and Tara Haplea to James J Balady, $92,000.

520 E Stockton Rd

Crestco Development Group LLC to Carl J and Susan T May Jr, $975,000.