In 1886, I was founded by a man as the California Perfume Co. I am "the company for women," with a female chief executive officer. I offered women an income long before they were allowed to vote. In 1939, I changed my name to the home of a famous European playwright. My more than five million sales reps distribute hundreds of millions of catalogs and sell beauty products, fashion jewelry and apparel in more than 100 nations. I am the largest direct seller in the world, with annual revenue topping $10 billion. My brands include Anew, Skin-so-Soft, Advance Techniques and Mark. Who am I?

Last Week's Trivia Answer:

I was founded in 1868 on a salt dome island in Louisiana by a guy who made a sauce out of peppers from Mexico or Central America and French wine vinegar. Legend has it that he first packaged the product in used perfume bottles. In 1892, he founded a bird colony on the island to protect egrets that were being killed for their decorative feathers. He soon added plant life, and today his famed Jungle Gardens and Bird City attract visitors from all over the world. Each of my 2-ounce red bottles contains at least 720 drops. Who am I? (Answer: McIlhenny Co.)