"We are in uncharted waters on account of several issues, including what is going on in Europe and other important structural regime changes."

- Mohamed A. El-Erian, chief executive officer of Pacific Investment Management Co., on big declines in the stock market

"There is a relief rally because investors feel they've dodged a bullet on financial reform."

- Matt McCormick, an analyst at Bahl & Gaynor Inc., as bank stocks rose after the U.S. Senate passed its Wall Street regulation bill

"You still have to be very careful, but with $1.6 billion in cash, we need to take advantage of opportunities when they arise."

- incoming CEO Douglas C. Yearley Jr. at home builder Toll Bros. Inc., on why the company is buying distressed real estate

"They have to decide for themselves what to do, but they cannot have Swedish expenses and American taxes, that doesn't add up."

- Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg, on the financially troubled countries of southern Europe

"It's all part of consolidation that's going on in the industry. More to come. Lots more to come."

- Alan Zuckerman, president of Health Strategies & Solutions, on an expected wave of hospital mergers

"Remember, the brontosaurus was a really big dinosaur."

- aviation consultant Michael Boyd, discounting speculation that American Airlines needs to grow by merging with another carrier

"The disaster in the Gulf only underscores that even as we pursue domestic production to reduce our reliance on imported oil, our long-term security depends on the development of alternative sources of fuel and new transportation technologies."

- President Obama, in his call for mileage and emissions standards for big-rig and work trucks