"Wow. One of the most pessimistic economists who called it right, called the housing bubble. At first glance this could easily be taken as a sign that things are better."

- Jonathan Miller, president of Miller Samuel, on news that Nouriel Roubini, who predicted the global financial crisis, bought a $5.5 million condominium in Manhattan

"I'm going to have to go out and find another means of doing an honest living."

- Super Fresh employee Aaron Courtney, on the prospect of losing his job after the bankruptcy filing of parent company A&P

"What am I to do? Keep praying. I keep praying for a miracle."

- Sylvia Kittrell of Orlando, a former social worker who ran out of unemployment benefits over the summer

"The cost of independence for the Fed is, at some point you've got to be a whipping boy."

- Vincent Reinhart, a former Federal Reserve monetary-affairs director

"I think the days of finger-pointing, torches, and pitchforks only get you so far."

- Rob Wonderling, head of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, on pursuing a consensus-oriented approach to achieving public-policy goals

"It's a huge headache. Just sitting here waiting gives us a ton of stress. The longer we wait, the bigger the headache."

- Jim Bolek, of Basic Payrolls Plus, on the delay in the 2011 tax-withholding tables

"Instead of buying flowers or chocolates, which is gone after two or three minutes, this will stay for the next few hundreds years."

- Thomas Geissler, chief executive officer of Ex Oriente Lux and inventor of the ATM-like Gold To Go machines