"My first reaction was, 'Wow, they're thinking outside the box.'?"

— C. Alan Walker, an aide to Gov. Corbett, on Delta Air Lines' purchase of the ConocoPhillips refinery in Trainer, where the carrier intends to make its own jet fuel.

"Acquiring the Trainer refinery is an innovative approach to managing our largest expense."

— Delta chief executive Richard Anderson, on the $150 million purchase.

"They're really going to have to prove that they can start to monetize these 900 million users, not just in a desktop environment, but more importantly in a mobile environment, which is even more questionable."

— Eric Jackson, of investment firm Ironfire Capital L.L.C., on Facebook Inc.'s plan for what could be the largest-ever initial public offering.

"Our commitment to the area also remains unwavering. We will continue to have a key presence in the region."

— Sunoco Inc.'s chief executive Brian P. MacDonald, after the announcement that the 126-year-old Philadelphia oil business would be sold to a Texas pipeline company for $5.3 billion.

"These plans are designed to incent management to make decisions to stay aligned with shareholder interests and are a common practice among major corporations."

— Sunoco spokesman Thomas P. Golembeski, on ex-CEO Lynn Elsenhans' $37.4 million departure package.

"I would like to take a couple of trips — 10 days, a couple of weeks — without being on my BlackBerry 24/7. Some people don't believe I can do that."

— Peter McCausland, who in August will give up his posts as president and chief executive of Radnor-based Airgas Inc. McCausland founded the company 30 years ago.

"This is way off from what should be happening in a normal recovery."

— Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, after Friday's employment report that said only 115,000 jobs were added in the United States in April.

"Today's employment report provides further evidence that the economy is continuing to heal from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, but much more remains to be done to repair the damage caused by the financial crisis and the deep recession."

— Alan B. Krueger, chairman of the White House's Council of Economic Advisers, also commenting on the jobs report.

Compiled from The Inquirer, Bloomberg News and the Associated Press.