Inspired by little Alexandra Scott, who started selling lemonade in front of her home in 2000 at age 4 to raise money to fight childhood cancer, the foundation that was established to continue her work has been following in her footsteps to find the resources to battle the disease that killed her at age 8.

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation of Wynnewood has conducted numerous fundraising projects over the years. The foundation has encouraged organizations, companies and individuals around the country to set up their own lemonade stands, or to organize other fundraising projects to help finance research into this most heartbreaking of illnesses that robs children of their futures.

The foundation's latest effort is to challenge corporations in the Philadelphia area to contribute a minimum of $5,000 to the search for better treatments and, ultimately, cures for childhood cancer.

It's called the "Philadelphia Corporate Cancer Challenge," and it will continue throughout the rest if the year. The companies have until the end of the year to put together the $5,000 through hosting their own lemonade stands, collecting personal contributions, hosting days devoted to the campaign or any other creative ideas they might come up with.

Near the end of the challenge campaign, those who participate will meet for a luncheon hosted by Alex's parents, Liz and Jay Scott. They will hear from top researchers in the field to learn more about the disease and what is being done to fight it. For more information, go to n

— John F. Morrison