"Clearly, the fiscal cliff is having effects on the economy. This is a major risk factor right now."

- Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, in a speech in which he tied low interest rates to the unemployment levels.

"If consumers are not checking their [credit] reports, these errors can persist and pop up when a consumer can least afford them . . ."

- Richard Cordray, director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, on uncorrected reports by the credit bureaus.

"The labor market might be improving a bit quicker than expected."

- David Sloan, an economist at 4Cast,
New York, on a lower-than-forecast weekly report on new jobless claims.

"A great new image for the company."

- Brian Roberts, CEO, Comcast, on including the NBC peacock in the company's new logo.

"If people who didn't support the president believe the president is acting responsibly, they're going to put pressure on the other side."

- Marc Lasry, CEO, Avenue Capital.

"We recognize that part of the solution has to be tax increases. That's the only thing that allows a reasonable compromise to be reached."

- David M. Cote, CEO, Honeywell, regarding avoiding the fiscal cliff.

". . . the endless onslaught of new regulations."

- Bill Dunkelberg, chief economist, National Federation of Independent Business, on the reason for low optimism of small-business owners.

"Symbolically, it's a huge setback. Maybe it will awaken a sleeping giant."

- Bob King, president, United Auto Workers, on legislation that makes Michigan a right-to-work state.

It will mean "more and better jobs for Michiganders."

- Gov. Rick Snyder, who signed the legislation.

"Operationally and financially, it is stronger as a two-flag hotel . . . because it crosses more market segments - leisure, business, everything."

- Brook J. Lenfest, owner of 1441 Chestnut St., site of a proposed hotel that will have two brands: a four-star W Hotel and a three-star Element by Westin.