Dexter Watson, doing business as Dexter Watson Restaurant, doing business as Maine Star Coffee Cafe, doing business as Coffee Barafe, 237 Jacksonville Rd., Hatboro; Chapter 11; no schedules available.

Tuan A. Tran, formerly doing business Trantiques, formerly doing business as Tuan Tran Antique Clock Sales, 929 Woodland Ave., Norristown; Chapter 7; no schedules available.

Skinny Nutritional Corp., 825 Lafayette Rd., Bryn Mawr; Chapter 11; no schedules available.

New Jersey

Rachael's Kids Learning Center L.L.C., 801 Marlborough Ave., Absecon; Chapter 7; Assets, 0; Liabilities, 0.

SOURCES: The Legal Intelligencer, U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey.