Securities trades recently reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission by officers, directors and principal shareholders of corporations based or having sizable employment in the Philadelphia area. Titles are as reported to the SEC.

Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

Seifi Ghasemi

, chief executive officer, bought 23,000 shares at $138.97 on Nov. 18, and now directly holds 100,026 shares.

American Water Works Co Inc.

Kathy L. Pape

, officer, sold 11,319 shares at $51.88 on Nov. 13, and now directly holds 25,417 shares.

Edward Vallejo, officer, sold 5,074 shares at $52.34 on Nov. 12, and now directly holds 10,021 shares.

Aqua America Inc.

Karl M. Kyriss

, officer, sold 12,000 shares at $26.00 on Nov. 14, and now directly holds 48,107 shares.

Bryn Mawr Bank Corp.

Joseph G. Keefer

, officer, bought 1,969 shares at $30.60 on Nov. 14, and now indirectly holds 11,766 shares.

L-3 Communications Holdings

Alan H. Washkowitz

, director, sold 2,000 shares at $117.30 on Nov. 12, and now directly holds 34,591 shares.

West Pharmaceutical Services

Michael A. Anderson

, officer and treasurer, sold 4,600 shares at $51.73 on Nov. 11, and now directly holds 75,472 shares.

Warwick Bedwell, officer, sold 6,306 shares at $49.95 on Nov. 10, and now directly holds 24,074 shares.