The average gasoline price nationwide fell below $2 a gallon Saturday for the first time since 2009, when the nation's economy was at its nadir after the financial crash, according to

The fall in gasoline prices has been steady – down 44.4 cents in one year – after crude-oil prices collapsed in 2014. Currently over two-thirds of gas stations are selling gasoline at $1.99 or less, according to the online fuel-price monitoring service.

In Pennsylvania, the ninth-most expensive state because of its elevated fuel taxes, the average price was $2.20, down $3.4 cents in a week. In the five-county Philadelphia area, the average price was $2.22 on Saturday.

New Jersey, which has one of the nation's lowest fuel taxes, broke through the $2 barrier some time ago. The statewide average price was $1.88 on Saturday. But a gallon cost only $1.82 in four South Jersey counties, according to Gasbuddy.

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