SEPTA's rollout of its new fare system is taking another step forward Monday, with the introduction of cards for senior citizens and a system that will allow riders more flexibility in using the SEPTA Key card.

People who already have the cards will be able to maintain accounts on their SEPTA Key cards in a way that mimics the E-ZPass system. Senior citizens will receive cards with photo IDs that will grant them free travel on SEPTA's subways, buses, and trolleys, and the Norristown High Speed Line.

The SEPTA Key cards debuted in June and eventually will replace all of SEPTA's fare systems, including tokens. The card is not yet usable on Regional Rail during the week, but SEPTA has said it would begin making it functional for rail commuters next year.

The EZPass-like account system, called Travel Wallet, will allow cardholders to put money on their cards at SEPTA's headquarters at 12th and Market Streets. With the Travel Wallet card, holders won't have to commit to a monthly or weekly fare plan, and can instead draw down on the account with each ride. The system can recognize whether a person is transferring from one mode of travel to another in the same trip and will charge the lesser $1 fee for the transfer. The senior citizen cards are being mailed to people who have already had their pictures taken. Seniors who still need pictures taken for the card should contact their state legislator or visit SEPTA's headquarters.