Title: Owner and president of Jaindl Farms LLC, Jaindl Land Co., Schantz Orchards, Jaindl Beverage (A-Treat), Hitters Edge.

Home: On the turkey farm in Orefield, near Allentown.

Family: Wife, Jackie; children, Adam, 31; Jacob, 28; Luke, 26; Josh, 24; Joanna, 22.


Sex: 2,000 to 2,500 tom turkeys inseminate 20,000 to 25,000 hen turkeys, with each hen inseminated once every seven days.

Birth: The hens lay a total of 14,000 eggs a day, producing 32 poults per hen.

Turkey home: 2.5 million square feet in 219 barns with some feed grown on Jaindl's grain farm.

Dinner: At the height of the season, the turkeys eat 1,400 tons of feed a week.

And in the end: Jaindl's plant can process 20,000 turkeys a day.

Employees: 150 in the growing season.