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‘You Can’t Lose’ playing slots in July at Atlantic City's Revel Casino-Hotel?

Maybe you've seen or heard the startling new commercials for Atlantic City's Revel Casino-Hotel.

"You can't lose!" they began declaring Sunday. "All July long, we're going to refund all slot losses."

"That's right. If you win, you win. If you lose, we'll give it all back!"

It's enough to trigger reactions like, "Yo, that's not gambling, that's investing! Maybe I should empty the  whole bank account for a risk-free shot at winning big!"

Whoa, Smarty Jones. Not so fast.

You can't actually get cash back.

No check in the mail. No direct deposit. No credit to your credit card.

Instead, you get credits for future play on slots of any sort, and they're spread out over 20 weeks.

The gambling resort, which emerged from bankruptcy last month, is eager to lure new customers to the northern end of the Boardwalk, but it's far from financially daft.

Say you lose $1,000. (Losses are covered between $100 and $100,000.) Each week, beginning Aug. 5, you'll have 50 bettable bucks put on your Revel Card, and you'll have to visit Revel to use them.

Each week you miss between then and mid-December, say goodbye to that week's amount.

It's not so much a refund as a chance to risk your money all over again.

You have to get and use a card, by way, so losses can be tracked. No "refund" for simply playing with cash.

"Getting a Revel Card is simple," said spokeswoman Susan Scheirer. "Just come to the Revel Desk, sign up, and you are on your way."

Clearly, this is a deal aimed not so much at one-time visitors as regular slots players, in hopes they'll switch from their usual betting emporiums to Atlantic City's newest and biggest casino hotel.

As a further incentive to them, starting Monday, July 1, Revel will match any slots giveaways offered by other casinos in town.

"Customers need only bring their original mail piece to the Revel Card Desk and an identical amount of Free Slot Play will be loaded to their Revel Card," according to  a recent news release.

Summing up the strategy, spokesman Randall Fine said: "We want gamblers, and with these two promotions, along with our new affordable dining options and Atlantic City's largest contiguous smoking section, we hope players come to one simple conclusion – why gamble anywhere else?"

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