Philadelphia, home of the underdogs, has been passed over once again in favor of New York and D.C., this time by e-commerce giant Amazon. And the City of Brotherly Love, it appears, is breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Amazon made the highly anticipated announcement Tuesday, declaring it would anchor its job-creating massive new headquarters in Crystal City, Va., and in New York's Long Island City neighborhood in Queens, as well as opening a one million-square-foot operations center office in Nashville. The three cities — alongside Philadelphia — were among 238 North American applicants and 20 finalists to seek the $5 billion headquarters. Philly's proposal suggested the Navy Yard or University City as potential sites for the hub.

While some shared their disappointment on social media, many Philadelphians seemed downright grateful that Amazon decided to go elsewhere.

Others suggested that the city's money and time spent wooing the corporation could have been better invested someplace else.

Meanwhile, in New York and Crystal City — to be rebranded as "National Landing" — reception was mixed toward the new neighbor. Local officials like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam were predictably enthusiastic, though some others were more critical or suggested that the whole thing was decided from the beginning.

And, as one Twitter user pointed out, while Philly may not technically be home to Amazon's new headquarters, with some … creative math … it's close enough.

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