A medical marijuana grower with roots in Chicago is the first company to be given approval to begin cannabis cultivation in Pennsylvania, the Wolf administration announced Tuesday morning.

Cresco Yeltrah LLC began converting an old industrial space 100 miles north of Pittsburgh into a grow house soon after winning one of 12 grower/processor permits in late June. The state Department of Health approved the Jefferson County facility after several inspections. The company can now begin to accept seeds and plant clones. Given the plant's approximately 120-day growing cycle, Cresco Yeltrah could have its first medical marijuana oils and tinctures delivered to retail dispensaries by early January.

"Cresco Yeltrah will now be able to grow medical marijuana, making sure that patients will not have to wait much longer," Gov. Wolf said in a statement. Pennsylvania residents who suffer from 17 conditions — including cancer, chronic pain, and PTSD — will be able to get recommendations from participating medical professionals for medical marijuana products.

The company, which has partnered with Illinois-based Cresco Labs, will cultivate its crop in the town of Brookville. Cresco Yeltrah also is set to open dispensaries in Butler and Pittsburgh. Last month, Cresco announced it was investing in a $500,000 awareness campaign to alert patients, doctors and nurses that the medical marijuana program would be launching soon.