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Business coalition launches new shale-gas promotional campaign

Business groups released a report calling for expanding consumption of the state's shale-gas production.

A shale gas well in Lycoming County
A shale gas well in Lycoming CountyRead moreCLEM MURRAY / Staff Photographer

A Pennsylvania business consortium launched a new campaign Thursday to boost the state's economy by expanding the uses of natural gas in manufacturing, power production and exports.

"Forge The Future," an initiative that grew out of the state's shale-gas producers and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh business groups, released a report called Ideas for Action that calls for expanding businesses that consume some of the production from the state's shale-gas reserves. In the last decade, Pennsylvania has become the nation's second-largest gas producer, but much of the gas is shipped out of state

The initiative includes Chevron, Peoples Gas, The Allegheny Conference on Community Development, the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, and the Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association.