Dynasil Corp. of America, a West Berlin photonics company, said its fiscal year ended Sept. 30 showed revenues increasing by more than 50 percent, from $10.9 to $17.1 million, and net income increasing by 114.3 percent from $0.5 to $1.16 million.

The company, which makes optical materials, components, coatings and specialized instruments as well as produces contract research, attributed the results to its July 1 acquisition of Radiation Monitoring Devices Inc. and some assets of RMD Instruments LLC.

Without factoring in those acquisitions, the year's results for Dynasil showed a 5 percent increase in revenue and 47 percent increase in net income (before tax), from $0.43 to $0.63 million.

For the fourth quarter, the RMD acquisition tripled revenues, from $2.7 to $8.6 million, and was the major factor in more than quadrupling net profit before taxes, from $0.17 (4 cents per share) to $0.81 million (5 cents a share), the company said.

Company shares, which have ranged in price from $1.36 to $2.53 in the last 52 weeks, were priced this morning at $1.30, up 0.20 (18.18 percent) in over-the-counter trading.