Gasoline prices were down a penny today in Philadelphia and unchanged in South Jersey, AAA Mid-Adlantic reported.

The auto club also forecast that holiday travel by Philadelphia-area residents will be down 3 percent compared with last year. It said 737,000 local residents plan to take trips of 50 miles or more. Auto trips will be down 2 percent, while trips by plane will be 3.3 percent less than last year.

The club noted that travel in 2009 was down for every major holiday except July 4th, where it was flat with the year before.

Nationally, holiday travel is expected to beu p 3.8 percent, AAA estimated.

Today's pump price for regular-grade gasoline in Philadelphia and the for suburban counties in Pennsylvania averaged $2.69 a gallon compared with $2.70 yesterday, AAA said.

In the three suburban counties in South Jersey, the average today remained at $2.46 a gallon.