US Environmental Inc. willfully exposed workers to confined space and fall hazards at its Downingtown location, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration said Wednesday. The waste-disposal company was cited with 12 safety violations and faces proposed penalties of $333,756.

When OSHA investigators inspected its facility on May 31, they found the company had failed to implement rescue procedures for employees in confined spaces, provide protective equipment when working in confined spaces, and provide employees with fall protection training and equipment, the agency said.

"It is fortunate that workers did not suffer serious injuries or worse," OSHA area office director Theresa Downs said in a statement. "Employers must follow appropriate atmospheric testing procedures, and provide adequate training and safety equipment to protect workers from potential confined-space hazards."

The company, which has 15 days to respond about the OSHA findings, declined to comment  Wednesday.