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Got to give him credit

Reader’s credit score went up right after subscribing to a credit-monitoring service.

DEAR HARRY: I have always tried to keep my credit score in good shape. This goes way back to when I got my first job.

About six months ago, I read some articles about reviewing your credit reports at least annually.

After seeing some TV ads regarding this, I decided to subscribe for credit monitoring. I did a lot of "due diligence" in determining which one to choose. For $14 a month, I went with one of the large credit-reporting agencies.

A short while later (at most, three months), my wife discovered that the credit score went from 730 to 790.

We have done nothing differently. Our buying and paying habits have not changed one iota. We continue, as in the past, to pay our debts before the due dates and have not been behind anywhere.

Is it possible that by joining this program our credit score was pushed up?

WHAT HARRY SAYS: Not likely. The reporting companies get their info from credit-analyzing companies - not the reverse. Companies like FICO determine a score based on many factors. The most important of these is your credit history.

It is quite possible that your continuing good practices just tipped you up a bit, or that some old blemish became too stale to keep in their score.

I think these monitoring deals are a waste of money. That $168 a year will buy a lot of cheesesteaks!