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Bank fees irk customer

Charges assessed for money-market privileges, direct deposit.

Daily News personal finance columnist Harry Gross
Daily News personal finance columnist Harry GrossRead more

DEAR HARRY: I have been with my bank for the last six years and never had any trouble until now. Back in October, I was informed that I would be charged $50 a month for money-market account privileges. The charges started in December, and I immediately closed that account. I then discovered a $50 "overdue" fee. I was told that it was part of my original loan documents. I protested, and they promised to do some research to be sure. They found nothing, but did not credit me for the $50. Beyond that, they have started to charge me $15 a month to deposit my paycheck even though they won't accept direct deposit. Sounds terribly punitive. Help!

WHAT HARRY SAYS: It sure seems that way. I have not heard of a bank in a long time that would not accept direct deposits. I suggest that you get out of there yesterday with all your accounts except for those entailing a penalty, like CDs. Some banks are turning over every stone to find new ways to boost their bottom lines. Your bank is really more hungry than wise in what it's doing. You should get a credit for those overcharges. If they continue to drag their feet, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities at 800-722-2657. Your penny-wise and pound-foolish bank needs a shaking up.