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Dream Home submissions Real Estate is starting a new section featuring your homes, and we need your help to get it started.

Just answer one question for us: What makes your home a dream come true?

Maybe it is that you've spent long hours and hard-earned money on renovations. Or perhaps it is the way the sun hits your garden every afternoon, the kitchen where your family enjoys dinner each night, or even the large bay window where you can sit and relax with a long book on a rainy afternoon.

Whatever it may be,

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Send us a few paragraphs (250-word minimum, please) telling us what you love about your home. How long have you lived there? How old is the home? How does it make you feel? What did it take to get it "just right?"

Also, send some pictures so that we may feature your home on Be sure the pictures are at least 300 pixels wide (example below). We will accept larger pictures, but they may be cropped. (Or crop them yourself at:




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