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'Rocky II' house hits the market

A piece of Philly movie history can be yours, for just $139,000.

The house Rocky Balboa buys with his winnings in the film Rocky II is on the market.

The 90-year-old rowhome at 2313 S. Lambert St. in the Girard Estate neighborhood is listed with an asking price of $139,000. The block was also a filming site for the movie, though the interior of the house wasn't filmed.

"The whole neighborhood was out," said Joe Bianco, the listing agent for the property, who grew up in the neighborhood and remembers the filming. "It was pretty exciting at the time."

In its listing, Alpha Realty Group discloses the home's history "for all you movie buffs" and says the house is "located on a lovely tree lined street within walking distance to Girard Park."

The 1,306-square-foot home, built in 1923, has three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms and a full basement.

Bianco said he typically includes details of a property's history in his listings if they might interest prospective buyers. But that doesn't mean such homes will sell for higher prices.

"It might add to the allure of the house, but I don't know that it would make people put more money on the house," Bianco said. "It's just something cool. I think people would like know about any house that has a bit of history."

The home has had only one owner since the 1979 film, according to Bianco and property records.

And, in case you have forgotten, here's a refresher of the Rocky II plot:

The sequel leaves off directly after the fight against Apollo Creed from the first Rocky. Rocky goes on a failed attempt to make commercials, and is ultimately forced to take a job in the meat packing plant. But Rocky loses that job. He later takes a position at the gym run by his former trainer, Mickey.

He blows through all his money -- including buying the Lambert Street home -- and is lured back into the ring by Apollo Creed, who can't shake his own self-doubt that many believed Rocky really won the first fight.

Despite Adrian's protests, Rocky agrees to a rematch.