When Daniel Mashevsky purchased the Wyomissing home located at 78 Grandview Boulevard back in January 2007, he had no idea of the legacy that was left behind by one of its previous tenants.

Pop sensation Taylor Swift had spent her childhood living in the Berks County home right before she moved to Tennessee to pursue her singing career at the age of 14. It's where she spent her defining years; where she picked up her first guitar and began writing songs that would later lead her to worldwide success.

Ironically, Mashevsky says what attracted him and his wife to the three-story, classical revival-style home was the fact that they wanted to "blend-in" coming from Utah, rather than take on a new construction project.

At the time Swift was an up-and-coming star, and Mashevsky – nor his three pre-teen daughters – knew of the country music singer and songwriter. Swift's first album Taylor Swift had only been released several months before the Mashevskys moved in.

But soon after, Swift's fame began to take off and the Mashevskys started to see the popularity of the home rise as well.

"People would stop by and take pictures and pose out in the front," Mashevsky said. "On Thanksgiving Day a lot of people would come by."

Mashevsky, who was the first to purchase the 5,000-square-foot home since the Swifts moved out in 2004 – it had been rented out by other tenants – did a complete restoration of the home. In the process of the renovations, Mashevsky found some keepsakes that belonged to the now 23-year-old superstar.

While taking apart the kitchen they found a special note that Swift wrote about a trip to Disney World.

"She must have written it in 6th or 7th grade," Mashevsky said. "It said 'I love Disney World.'

They also found some childhood toys and old school papers that belonged to the popstar as well.

While much of the home appears differently than it did when the Swifts lived there, Machevsky says one of the rooms that still looks the same is Swift's bedroom. Located on the third floor, all Mashevsky did was strip the wallpaper and replace the carpet.

However, Mashevsky said most of the home needed more work, as it had not been renovated since the 1970s.

In the study room, which is where Swift played her guitar, Mashevsky stripped up the carpet and restored the original hardwood floors from when it was built in 1929.

Other major changes in the six bedroom, three full- and two half-bath home, include the kitchen, where Mashevsky added custom cabinetry, high end appliances and an island, and the conversion of a second-floor bedroom to a walk-in closet and laundry room. Machevsky also changed the outward façade, and painted the home a different color.

Now the Machevskys are making way for another family to experience living in the home where it all began for the Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter. The family relocated to northern Florida for Mashevsky's job, and has put the home on the market for $799,500.

Century 21 Gold agent Lisa Tiger says the home has been for sale for about a month-and-a-half, and has an offer under contract.

Machevsky describes the area has bucolic, with a small-town feel where "everyone knows everybody." He said neighbors often spoke about Swift, and had friends in town that knew her.

"The neighbors said only positive things about her," he said. "She was friendly and was very close friends with some neighbor children down the street."

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