In a city where rental rates frequently rise, you might be forgiven for assuming that amenities and luxury features are increasing along with the price tags. A new study from Apartment List examines the most-desired amenities among renters and the frequency with which those features were present in cities throughout the United States. Philadelphia rated favorably, but that may just be the simultaneous finding that our renters are less demanding than most.

The study found — unsurprisingly — that the amenities most sought by renters are not necessarily the ones most easily found. Nationally, 53 percent of renters want in-unit laundry facilities, but only 13 percent of rental units boast private washer-dryers. The second most undersupplied amenity was air-conditioning, followed by parking. On the opposite end of the spectrum, cat and dog friendliness were among the most common amenities.

Although San Antonio has the most demanding renters in the nation, Philadelphia renters had lesser demand than the national average for seven of the 10 amenities measured. The features measured include air-conditioning, private laundry, parking, dishwasher, balcony, pool, hardwood floors, dog friendliness, gym, and cat friendliness.

Locally, private laundry was the hardest amenity to find but the most desired. Just 20 percent of listings included in-unit facilities, but 54 percent of renters were looking for them. Cat friendliness seems to be the most oversupplied offering, though the study ultimately deemed the city "well matched."

Here is Philadelphia renters' priority list: in-unit laundry, air-conditioning, parking, dishwasher, hardwood floors, balcony, dog-friendly, cat-friendly, pool, gym.