You might assume that a popular neighborhood like Fishtown or Passyunk would hold the title for quickest rising rents in Philadelphia. But according to a new report by Zumper, the center of gravity for rent increases is in a different corner of the city altogether.

The quarterly report and map indicates that Northwest Philadelphia and East Parkside have seen rents increase by about 13 percent since the summer, with monthly rents at $950 and $1,025 respectively. The increase there comes in contrast to neighborhoods including Southwark and Bella Vista, which saw decreases of about 11 percent.

Logan Square has actually been the title-bearer for most expensive neighborhood through several iterations of this map, with rates for one bedrooms at around $1,900 a month. University City and North Broad came in second and third at $1,700 and $1,640. If you're looking to spend under $800 a month, look to neighborhoods like Belmont, Carroll Park and Elmwood, where rent is less than $730.