When Leslie Linnebur and Stephen Smith were moving out of the San Francisco warehouse they had renovated to move back to Philadelphia, they weren't exactly looking to buy another home.

"I had put so much time — 10 years' worth — and energy into that one, and it really was my design baby," Linnebur said.

Then she saw a listing for a condo that reminded her of their San Francisco home.

"It looked like a Philly cousin to our San Francisco warehouse, so we just had to see it," she said.

The Arch Street condo had a similar color palette and industrial touches that reminded them of home. But it also had something extra.

"The kicker had to — had to — be the 750-square-foot terrace overlooking the city," Linnebur said.

Unlike their previous home, the three-bedroom, 2,262-square-foot unit did not require much in the way of renovations. Previous owners employed a design team to decorate and paint.

"We really have done very little to the place other than decorating and hanging our artwork," Smith said.

Now one of their favorite parts of the home is the guest room, which Smith described as having "million-dollar views."

The terrace, which wraps around the master bedroom and includes water features and plantings, remains at the top of their list.

It is "just such a luxury to have in the city," Linnebur said. "It is quite a sanctuary to us."

The couple have enjoyed their time in Center City, she said, as well as the proximity to such sites as Reading Terminal Market and events at City Hall and Independence Hall.

"My husband was traveling extensively for the last few years, and being two blocks to SEPTA for airport runs was such a sanity saver," Linnebur said.

The couple now plan to spend more of their time traveling, so the condo is for sale.

"We love this place, and were it not for our desire to travel the world, we would likely keep it," Linnebur said. "So we decided that we were content being the proud caretakers of her for the past five years, and we can now let someone else enjoy what we have here."

The home is listed with Jacob Markovitz at Elfant Wissahickon for $929,000.