It would make sense that an outfit selling pots and planters for hotels, offices, stores and luxury landscapes might produce a list of the nation's most walkable and park-adjacent cities. What might surprise you is that Philadelphia ranks well on the list, coming in at number 22.

Pots, Planters & More, based in Skokie, Ill., crunched data on 100 cities around the country. It rated public park acreage per 1,000 residents, walkable park access, annual city spending on parks per resident, median home prices and monthly rents, and average air quality and annual temperatures. With 7 acres of park per 1,000 residents, Philadelphia was ranked between Houston and Glendale, Arizona. New Orleans topped the list with a whopping 71 acres per 1,000 residents.

Philadelphia also offers the highest score for walkable park access.The city also spends $52 per resident on park upkeep and benefits from comparatively low costs for home sales ($145,291) and rent ($1,495). A chillier average temperature at 56 degrees may have kept the city from an even better finish.