If you're already three nights into Thanksgiving turkey leftovers, the latest Apartment List report may be enough to turn your stomach. The rental agency compared the average cost of a turkey dinner with the median rental rates in cities across the United States to tabulate how many dinners each monthly bill would come to. Surprise: San Francisco does not fare well.

The methodology is a little complicated, but bear with us. Using Bureau of Labor Statistics data, dinner including a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and apple pie came to about $63.84 (what, no gravy? No cranberries? No sweet potatoes?). The number crunchers then adjusted the prices for each city by consulting the grocery component of a cost-of-living index and divided all of that by each city's median two-bedroom rent. Voila. In Philadelphia, a two-bedroom is likely to run you $1,160, or roughly 15.7 turkey dinners each month.

San Francisco will cost you the equivalent of 38.4 turkey dinners, but our western neighbors in Cleveland and Pittsburgh fare a little better. Rent there will run you 11.1 and 12.5 turkey dinners respectively.

Depending on your leftover situation, you may be eating that much turkey this month anyway.