Matthew Witkus said he has only scratched the surface of what his Cigar Factory penthouse could become.

"I thought it was a place that a professional athlete or rock star might live in," he said.

He purchased the condo in spring 2015 after touring properties throughout the city for about a year. The process of looking at homes convinced him to broaden his search beyond the borders of Old City.

"I was reluctant to widen the search, but the inventory in Old City was tight, so we started broadening our target area."

Eventually, his realtor Daniel Sandoval took him to a corner-unit penthouse in the Cigar Factory in Northern Liberties.

"It really was an instant decision for me," Witkus said. "It was such a unique space and had such a good vibe about it, that all things were possible."

A friend tested the theory of how much was possible on Witkus's settlement date.

"A friend actually came over on the day I closed so she could roller skate around the living room with no furniture in it," he said.

After closing, Witkus said he hired local artisan Tony Smith to paint the walls to complement an "absurd amount of light pouring in from everywhere."

"I wanted gold in the mix to reflect the afternoon light, and it makes the place glow in the longer months," he said.

The bi-level, two-bedroom, two-bath unit was the perfect space for entertaining, Witkus said.

"You could do a cocktail party for 75 people and not feel cramped and the kitchen was overlooking it all."

The custom kitchen includes Miele and Sub-Zero appliances as well as a built-in espresso maker.

Witkus said he wasn't planning to move, but when his employer presented him with a professional opportunity he couldn't turn down, he knew it was time to sell.

"A situation like this makes me wish I was a turtle and could just take my home with me on my back," he said. "I would love to hold onto it."

The home is listed for $639,900 by the Somers Team.

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