Philadelphia's population density is around 11,600 people per square mile. In a city with that many people shoulder to shoulder — or, perhaps more appropriately, stoop to stoop — there are bound to be neighbor disputes. A new study by ImproveNet found Philadelphians have a lot complain about.

Researchers for the home improvement site surveyed 2,500 people living in 24 U.S. cities to learn more about attitudes regarding neighbors. Their findings indicate that 56 percent of people have confronted a nuisance neighbor at some point. Most reported face-to-face interactions as their preferred method of dealing with neighborly issues, although our personal suspicion is that most people just take their complaints to

The study ranked Philadelphia fourth in the country on the list of most annoying neighbors. Researchers broke down the biggest complaints in the nation — issues including loud voices, loud parties, parking and dog poop — and ranked cities on each. Philadelphia was noted as the worst city for loud voices (adults only, strangely), parking issues, and ugly landscaping. We'd like to point out that parking and landscaping are sometimes beyond the control of your neighbors.  Philadelphia also ranked second-worst in terms of boundary disputes, ugly homes, missing or stolen mail, and general grumpiness.

We may wish we were in Minneapolis, which had the least annoying neighbors among the 24 cities surveyed (perhaps because it's too cold to leave the house most of the year).

But at least we're not in Dallas, found to have the nation's most annoying neighbors. (Not to mention the Cowboys.)