Syngenta on Thursday announced the acquisition of Abbott & Cobb, a Trevose, Pa. independent breeder, producer, and marketer of vegetable seeds.

Price wasn't disclosed. Founded in 1917, Abbott & Cobb has supplied commercial growers, distributor, retailer, fresh market, fresh-cut, and food services industries in the U.S. and worldwide.

Javier Martinez-Cabrera, Syngenta head of Vegetables Seeds North America, said in a statement: "Abbott & Cobb is a strategic acquisition for Syngenta Vegetable Seeds and it will give us access to high eating quality germplasm, and early maturity varieties to complement the Syngenta portfolio."

In 2016, Greensboro, N.C.-based Syngenta signed a long-term agreement to license Abbott & Cobb's patented technology, SuperSeedWare, to Syngenta Seeds LLC  for worldwide use in sweet corn varieties. SuperSeedWare represented the first privately owned, 100 percent natural, gene-type in sweet corn breeding.