Pay-by-app parking is being expanded to all metered street parking city-wide, the Philadelphia Parking Authority announced Wednesday.

Motorists with the meterUP app on their smart phones can use it to pay for parking at any spot in the city regulated by kiosks and coin-operated meters. There are 6,318 kiosk-metered spots in the city and 8,956 coin-metered spots. Signs will begin to be installed Thursday, said Martin O'Rourke, the PPA spokesman, and should be in place in the next three to six months.

The app allows users to add parking time remotely or cancel parking if they leave before the allotted time expires.

The app is managed by Parkmobile LLC, which charges users 40 cents per transaction. The app has been downloaded 91,000 times since it debuted in Philadelphia at the end of 2017, the PPA reported.