Is your train's arrival time a mystery? SEPTA's hoping to fix that once again.

The transit authority launched the latest version of its app for iPhone and Android users Wednesday night, promising the most up-to-date information on travel times and easier-to-understand navigation as well as alerts to improve the commuting experience for SEPTA's often-frustrated customers.

SEPTA's app was built with customer feedback in mind, the agency said in an announcement. The feedback likely wasn't too difficult to locate — commuters' complaints are easily found on social media. Inaccurate travel times are a recurring theme.

SEPTA hopes the app will improve customer service with the rollout of its "Real Time Vehicle Locator," which looks to update information on Regional Rail lines as often as every 30 seconds. The same information will be displayed on signage at train stations, according to SEPTA.

SEPTA's "TrainView" map feature will become more interactive, showing customers what stop their train is heading to next and when it will arrive at their stop. A similar feature for buses is in the works, according to SEPTA.

The app, which first launched in 2013, will also give commuters an option to "favorite" a trip to make it easier to find the next time.

SEPTA began investing in more real-time data in July to provide more accurate information to commuters. The changes will continue through next year.

"It's an enormous amount of data that can give you day-in and day-out performance," Jeff Knueppel, SEPTA's general manager, said over the summer.

The update is a part of SEPTA's plan to improve performance, schedules, and staffing. The progress was documented in the Inquirer's five-part series, "Are We There Yet?"