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Dan Gross | What call, O'Reilly?

FOX NEWS Channel's Bill O'Reilly said that Family Court Judge Kevin Dougherty was "hiding beneath his robes and was unavailable for comment" on the "O'Reilly Factor" show Friday night.

FOX NEWS Channel's

Bill O'Reilly

said that Family Court Judge

Kevin Dougherty

was "hiding beneath his robes and was unavailable for comment" on the "O'Reilly Factor" show Friday night.

However, Dougherty says neither he nor the staff of his chambers ever got a call from the prime-time program, on which the host accused the judge of being too soft on 18-year-old Donte Boykin and 15-year-old James Footman.

The pair were sentenced Thursday in the February beating of Germantown High math teacher Frank Burd.

Dougherty sentenced Footman to an indefinite stint in a state youth-detention facility, while Boykin, 17 at the time of the attack, was sentenced to up to four years in a detention facility in western Pennsylvania, where he will can complete high school.

We asked whether the show had bothered to call Dougherty, as O'Reilly certainly implied.

"The show has no comment, but the judge is invited to come on at any time and explain himself and his sentence to us," said Dave Tabacoff, executive producer of "The O'Reilly Factor."

Dougherty is not interested. "I'm here to do the right thing and I did the right thing. What do I need to go on and fight with him for?" he told us.

O'Reilly, whose show we enjoy and who typically chooses better examples of leniency while knocking judges, was off sick yesterday and unavailable for comment. But he is welcome to call me at any time and explain himself and his comments.

Guv's kitchen ad pulled

Gov. Rendell's office has asked Imperial Marble and Granite to stop running an ad featuring the guv and Appeals Court Judge Midge Rendell appearing to endorse the Delco company.

The ad, with a photo of the Rendells posing in the kitchen of the Governor's Mansion, was in a direct-mail publication sent to Main Line households. The caption reads, "The kitchen is beautiful. Thank you. Ed and Midge Rendell." The ad says Albert and Lousine Kzelian were honored that their company had been chosen to design and install the countertops at the mansion late last year.

Lousine Kzelian said Friday the company, situated near the airport, had permission from the governor's office to use the photo in its ad. "Of course. How could we use it without their approval?" she asked.

The work was done for free, says Sue Perrotty, spokeswoman for the Governor's Residence Preservation Committee, a nonprofit group that oversees care of the mansion.

But Perrotty, also chief of staff to the first lady, said there was "absolutely no promise or anything in return for the work. We sent a nice little thank-you note," she says, calling it "an innocent mistake" that the photo had been used in Imperial's ad.

The preservation committee was established in the early 1970s, after a flood damaged the mansion. The committee must approve any significant renovations to the place.

Sheen, Kennedys are coming

Actor Martin Sheen will emcee a June 15 gala at the Loews Hotel (12th & Market) co-sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Issues (NAMI) and the Peace of Mind Project (POMP) . Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy will be honored for their work on the Congressional Parity Bill, which would require insurance companies to cover treatment for mental illness as they do physical illness.

Father Jim Kinney, founder and CEO of POMP, and Jim Jordan, executive director of NAMI PA, are heading up the dinner. Tickets are $150 and available at 1-866-30-PEACE.

Passer-by pushed through glass

Two knuckleheads fighting on a sidewalk in Old City accidently tossed a third man, a passer-by, through the window of Bleu Martini (24 S. 2nd) about 1:30 Sunday morning in front of a slew of onlookers. The third man got up and knocked the brawlers to the ground, sources say.

When police arrived, the fighters went their separate ways, and the third man was interviewed by police.

Police have no record of any altercation but did receive a call from the club about the broken window. *

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