Phil Stacey


Chris Richardson

were voted off "American Idol" last night. Ellen Gray and Jonathan Takiff weigh in.

WHY THEY GOT THE BOOT Ellen: Everybody but Jordin Sparks had a great week (and Jordin had a great night last week). Still these two were the weakest links.

Jon: All the guys this season are going bon voyage.


Ellen: Phil and Chris.

Jon: Based strictly on last week's "inspirational" performances, I might have sent home Blake and LaKisha. But this week, working their special grooves on Bon Jovi tunes, both made remarkable comebacks. Ironically, last week's show stopper, Jordin, was this week's weakest link. So who should have been booted? Those most consistent bottom feeders, Chris and Phil.


Ellen: Loved the LaKisha kiss, but could have done without Simon's frantic wiping afterward.

Jon: This business of the audience turning on Simon is truly getting out of hand. The boo birds make you think you're at an Eagles game and Simon has to call a time-out before he can make a ruling. Tough work, keeping it real.


Ellen: Didn't ya love the look on Jon Bon Jovi's face when Jordin talked about how much her mother loved him? And what about Blake's darker 'do.

Jon: How about surprise guest Laura Bush's denial to hubby George, when the president asked "Should I sing?": "I don't know honey, they've already seen you dance." As in tap dance around the issues?! *