Suzy Shuster, the wife in the middle of the Alycia Lane-Rich Eisen photo flap, is making light of the media storm. In a statement issued by a publicist yesterday, she said: "It's tough being married to such a handsome guy."

Shuster, West Coast correspondent for NBA TV, found photos sent by the CBS3 anchor to Eisen two and half weeks ago. When the story broke in Tuesday's New York Post, neither Shuster nor Eisen, anchor for the NFL Network, would comment. A friend of the couple said yesterday that the incident had not put undue strain on their marriage.

Lane told The Inquirer that her intentions were innocent, that she and Eisen were old friends. She declined further comment yesterday even as Internet postings and bloggers continued to question her intent in sending the pictures. Lane hopes to keep a low profile and let the storm pass.

Calendar Girls

When the 38 Eagles cheerleaders go to the Maya Riviera on Sunday to shoot their next calendar, more than just the cameras of veteran shooter Steve Vaccariello will be along.

In a first, Telemundo is sending a crew out of Miami. The Spanish net is a partner of NFL Networks, which is trying to boost American fútbol awareness among Latino audiences. The fact that two of the new Eagles cheerleaders are fluent in Spanish should help matters. Telemundo is planning a segment for an NFL special in September and the footage may be used in an earlier show.

Fox29 is sending reporter Michelle Williams to the event for stories that will air this month. (Sweeps!)

To mark the calendar's fifth anniversary, the Eagles will gather all five cover models for a shoot Wednesday. The cheerleaders plan to perform for guests at Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa on Tuesday and Wednesday. The calendar comes out in July.

Briefly noted

Think warm thoughts of triple-word scores for

Dashaun Hill

, a seventh grader at A.B. Day School, and

Aijee Austin

, a seventh grader at Fitler Academics Plus, who both attend the Institute for the Development of African American Youth (IDAAY) at Wagner Middle School. They're headed to the National School Scrabble Championship, tomorrow and Saturday in Providence, R.I. They're sponsored by Philadelphia's ASAP (After School Activities Program). The tourney will be shown in September on ESPN.

Singing City Choir, which performed the Dave Brubeck piece "Gates of Justice" with the jazz great 30 years ago, will perform it again with him on Saturday and Sunday in concert at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church. Brubeck, 86, also will world-premiere a work called "The Commandments."

Uma with a view

That was actress

Uma Thurman

in a furry white hat having lunch Tuesday at the little Berwyn Coffee Shop on Lancaster Avenue with a man who described himself as a friend who had grown up in the area. On the way out, she added a jacket with the hood up and the strings wrapped tight. Apparently, the svelte star was trying to go incognito. "Uma, if you're trying not to be recognized, wearing a white furry hat and then a hooded jacket doesn't exactly do it - not when it's May 1," my source mused. They drove off in an SUV - the willowy actress theatrically blowing smoke from the passenger window from the cigarette dangling from her hand.