NBC-10 AND myphl17 anchor

Vince DeMentri

and QVC host wife

Pat James-DeMentri

have separated after 15 years of marriage, the anchor confirmed recently. "We are in the process of separation and are seeking a divorce," DeMentri told us.

"There is no acrimony and we remain friends. Our sole focus is on the well-being of our 11-year-old daughter, Nicole." DeMentri, 43, has moved into the city, while his wife will keep the couple's New Jersey home. Pat James-DeMentri, 46, did not return several recent requests for comment.

'Seinfeld' Trivia returns

It's time for another round of "Seinfeld" Trivia May 14 at the Khyber (56 S. 2nd). Join Your Humble Narrator, No Quarter Records mogul Mike Quinn and former None More Black/Kid Dynamite frontman Jason Shevchuk as we ask ridiculously difficult questions about the show "Seinfeld." This time, The Contest focuses on all minor characters. No questions about Jerry, George, Elaine or Kramer.

Sign-up starts at 8 p.m., contest begins at 9. Teams of 2-4 are welcome, costs $5. Must be 21+.

Sambora shreds on Soraia CD

Local rockers Soraia have been working with producer Obie O'Brien at the new Sine Studios (22nd & Walnut). Members also traveled to Los Angeles, where Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora laid down some guitar tracks with producer John Shanks. Now they're back at Sine where they're finishing up the record due later this year. The band's Web site is Soraia.com.

Kolber to broadcast NASCAR?

Don't be surprised if Dresher native Suzy Kolber adds hosting NASCAR to her ABC/ESPN duties when ABC picks up the broadcast rights to the sport over the summer from Fox. The "Monday Night Football" broadcaster is already familiar with cars, appearing in Chevrolet ads. An ESPN spokesman said the station has no official announcement about who will broadcast NASCAR.

Want writer's wedding dress?

Former "Sex and the City" writer Elisa Zuritsky is giving away her unused size 10 wedding dress to the bride-to-be with the best story as to why she deserves it. She did get married, to commercial realtor Jordan Barowitz in October, but her white silk strapless gown didn't arrive in time and she wore another.

Zuritsy, the daughter of parking magnate Joe Zuritsky and wife Renee, who serves on the board of the Mural Arts Program, told us Friday that there's been interest from as far away as Turkey in her online contest. Brides can enter at takemy

dress.com until May 28.

Poker pro gets typecast

Keep an eye out for local poker pro John Hennigan in the film "Lucky You," which opened Friday. He plays a poker player in the romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana.

Baby Bird born

Congrats to Eagles safety Quintin Mikell and his wife Cherie, who welcomed a son on Friday. Quintin Perry Mikell III weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces. Mom and baby are doing fine.

Joint birthday/victory party?

Attorney Robert M. Kline knows what he wants for his birthday on May 15. Votes. The Municipal Court Judge candidate turns 45 on Election Day. *

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