DEAR ABBY: May I comment on the letter from "Working the Window in Georgia," the drive-through worker who said people should have their orders ready when they pull up to the speaker? Many drive-through restaurants place their speakers in FRONT of the first menu you see. Unless you frequent the restaurant, it's impossible to know what you want until you reach the menu. Also, if "Corporate" is timing its employees, then maybe it should dispense with having the employees greet customers with a long list of item suggestions before taking the order. Those of us at the other end of the speaker often cannot understand a word being said.

— Peggy in Thornton, Colo.

DEAR PEGGY: My readers agree with you 100 percent! Their biggest "beef" is the order menu being located only at the order window/speaker. Fast-food corporate America, please take notice.

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I attended his nephew's out-of-state wedding. I shipped a beautiful, expensive set of porcelain dishes from a high-end designer store. The nephew commented, "Those dishes don't go with anything we have." Should we request they be returned or ignore their lack of appreciation?

— Appalled Aunt in Arizona

DEAR APPALLED: Your nephew's comment was extremely rude. If he and his bride weren't registered, then you did the best you could under the circumstances and were generous. Rather than ask for the gift back, suggest he and his Mrs. go online and exchange the dishes for a pattern of their choice. n