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Can we talk about Donna Brazile’s amazing makeover? | Elizabeth Wellington

This new Donna Brazile is a glammed up Patti LaBelle complete with a new attitude and a hefty dose of silver fox sleekness.

Donna Brazile as she appeared on ABC on Tuesday night's election coverage.
Donna Brazile as she appeared on ABC on Tuesday night's election coverage.Read moreDonna Brazile's twitter

I watched election results Tuesday night just like everyone else.

I was so focused on the outcome and quite frankly worn out by it all that it didn't really click until this morning as I perused my Twitter and Facebook.

And then I saw it.

Wow, Donna Brazile!

Brazile, 58, had gone from old-school auntie to a glammed-up Patti LaBelle, complete with new attittude and a hefty dose of silver fox sleekness. The bob was everything.

Not that there was anything wrong with her look before: no glam, all biz.

But the statement necklace! The black, wide-lapel blazer! The lashes! The sculpted cheekbones with more than a hint of blush! Ten years (and glasses) gone! Just like that.

Would I be writing this column about a man? Perhaps. Say Chris Christie  slipped into a slim-cut Tom Ford suit in electric cobalt. That would be fiyah. Or what if President Trump turned in his orange glow for an amazing spray tan? My fingers would be flying. Why? For TV personalities, politicians, and anyone else in the constant spotlight, looks matter if for no other reason than they drive water cooler chatter.

I'm thinking Brazile's new look signifies her new lease on life. Perhaps a new focus? There is no doubt home girl needs it. Two years ago, Brazile, then the interim head of the Democratic National Committee was royally busted for leaking a CNN debate question to then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. At the time, Brazile was still vice chair of the DNC. In the aftermath, Brazile was forced to sever ties with CNN. In February 2017, she exited the DNC, too. Last year, her  book Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House hit the shelves, and she was criticized by Clinton staffers for not portraying the campaign accurately.

She's been pretty low-key since, because, face it, despite her brilliance, her credibility had been shot.

But on Tuesday night, it was clear Brazile was using the midterm elections as her own personal coming-out moment. It was a stylish, please-forget-about-what-I did-in-the-past plea. Brazile's move was well-timed and, as the old folks say when describing a great ensemble, sharp.  Yet, whether she's actually forgiven, who knows?

Either way, lady, you sure did look good.