A White House spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday night that first lady Melania Trump is a practicing Catholic. She's only the second Catholic first lady; Jacqueline Kennedy was the first.

With this news, we can assume Melania Trump's visit with Pope Francis meant a lot to her.

[The mystery behind Melania and Ivanka's black veils for the papal visit.]

And, duh, how did we miss that?

This clearly explains why she handed the pope a set of rosaries to bless for her (after they joked about The Donald's diet). And it's also probably why she opened a presidential rally in February with the Lord's Prayer.  It now makes sense that she laid flowers at the feet of a statue of Mary while visiting a Vatican-affiliated hospital Wednesday. There she prayed for a young boy in need of a heart transplant — who later received news that he indeed would get one.

But there are still lots of unknowns, as this first lady has managed until now to keep her religious practices under wraps.  It appears Melania Trump wasn't baptized as an infant, nor did she receive her First Holy Communion with children her age. According to an article in The Daily Mail, Trump's father was a member of the Communist party in Slovenia, which meant the family were officially atheists. Donald Trump is Presbyterian; the couple married in an Episcopal church.

Kennedy also met the pope. Back in March 1962, she accompanied John F. Kennedy on a diplomatic visit to meet Pope John XXIII.

Just like the current first lady, Kennedy wore a modest black dress and a black veil — standard  protocol for women who have private meetings with the pope.