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Quiz: What's your New Year's Eve style? | Elizabeth Wellington

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Flutes With Champagne And 2018 Numbers
Flutes With Champagne And 2018 NumbersRead moreiStock

Whether it's watching the fireworks on the Delaware River Waterfront, enjoying a cozy champagne dinner at Rouge, or partying it up at the Glitter City Gala at the Hyatt Bellevue Hotel, we all have a New Year's style.

These days I enjoy lounging on my couch wrapped in a Snuggie, drinking wine and setting my intentions for the upcoming months. But trust, there was a time when I could, and did party, like a rock star.

So what's your New Year's style? Are you a hanging from the chandelier kinda girl? Do you like to go out, but not party too hard? Are you a hopeless romantic? Or would you rather spend the evening journaling?

Take our quiz and find out.