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TV people to follow on Twitter

EVERYONE brings something different to Twitter, and TV writers are no exception. Here are 10 I follow, and why you might want to:

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EVERYONE brings something different to Twitter, and TV writers are no exception.

Here are 10 I follow, and why you might want to:


What's "Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof doing since the show ended? Well, besides writing movies — "Prometheus," for instance — he seems to be watching a lot of TV. King of the 140-character one-liner.


Hart Hanson, Creator of "Bones" and "Tce Finder," mixes promotional and personal tweets with sprinklings of funny. Must-reads for "Bones" fans who'd like spoiler-free info.


Jane Espenson, consulting producer on "Once Upon a Time," co-creator, web series "Husbands," frequently flees Twitter to get work done, but takes tweets with her, declaring "writing sprints." Said Espenson: "I feel like I may have caused a spike in productivity … But the whole point of the sprint is to step away from Twitter."


The Twitter campaigns mounted by "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan for "The Chicago Code" and "Terriers" might not have saved them, but they showed tremendous respect for the shows' fans, with whom he interacts regularly.


The producer of "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice" and "Scandal" tweets about her shows but also about others she thinks you should be watching, especially "Cougar Town." Big fan of the National Spelling Bee.


If you watch "Community," following its creator, Dan Harmon, sometimes feels like an extended episode. (Yes, he's peculiar. But funny peculiar.) Answers a lot of fan questions.


Bill Prady, co-creator of CBS' "The Big Bang Theory," offers a clever mix of promotion, observational humor. Interacts with fans. Sample tweet: "The only way to truly know if celebrities die in 3s is to wait until all the celebrities are dead, divide by 3 and see if it comes out even."


Mindy Kaling's an actress, but she's also one of the writers of "The Office," an author (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?) and the creator (and star) of a Fox pilot in which she plays a doctor. Still, she seems to spend a lot of time on Twitter, where you can kind of eavesdrop on her life.


Producer Mike Scully ("Parks and Recreation," "The Simpsons") still has some funny left over at the end of the day. Sample tweet: "I looted a TV during the LA riots, but what I'm most ashamed of is buying the extended service plan."


Writer and director Jeff Greenstein ("Desperate Housewives") is another one I follow for the mix of inside-showbiz stuff and observational humor. Sample tweet: "Awake. Touch. Missing. I have just written an incredibly compelling scene using only the 1-word titles of current underperforming TV dramas." n

— Ellen Gray