Dear Harry: I'm 81 and I want to keep up with modern technological advances. I started with a cell phone last year, and finally worked up enough gumption to go for a computer. I saw an ad in a magazine for a computer that seemed to give me everything I wanted at a decent price. Part of the package was a monitor with a built-in camera. When the package came, it had a monitor, but without the camera. I called, and after a little problem with language (the person I spoke with was in India), I was told that they would send me a camera that would fit into a slot at the top of my monitor. It would not fit into the slot and kept falling off. In addition, the cable had to plug into the computer, not the monitor. Again, I had language problems, but I was promised a new monitor. None came. I called about seven times since then and got nowhere. How can I get these people to send me a new monitor that conforms to their ad? I am dealing directly with the manufacturer, not a retail store, so I should get good service.

What Harry says: What you're experiencing is unusual for computers purchased directly from the manufacturer.

The language problem, however, is pretty standard for almost any international company. We have all experienced people who speak highly accented English, and dealing with them is often difficult.

Even though the company is not local, the state's Bureau of Consumer Protection can help you (215-560-2414). Also contact the Better Business Bureau at 215-448-6100. You absolutely should get what you bought and not some jerry-rigged alternative. *

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